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Are Big 12 Officials Too Soft?



Sometimes I watch college basketball and think to myself that it is excruciating to watch a game anymore. The refs control the entire speed of the game. It is particularly bad in the Big 12.
It’s become so bad in the Big 12 and around College Basketball, it has even given rise to the Twitter hashtag #RefShow. The hashtag pokes fun at the thought that college officials want to make the game about themselves and put on a show for the fans.
A few days ago we watched Oklahoma State attempt 36 free throws from the charity stripe. Let’s not be biased because in the same game the Mountaineers shot 28 of their own.
There have been endless games in the Big 12 where we have watched both teams shoot 20 plus free throws in a game.
At what point do you just let teams play?
The rules lately are designed to help game flow but it seems as if it is making it much worse. Just swallow the whistle for once.

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