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DVN Pickem Week 7



This weeks guest picker is one of our close friends and CEO of the Raspy Voice Kids podcast, Brandon Phoenix. You can listen to their podcast on ALL streaming outlets, including YouTube. If you are a Mountaineer fan, these guys are a must listen! Let’s see if Brandon can out pick the DVN staff this week.

Arizona @ Utah

Cody Moyer: Utah

Michael Gresko: Utah

Chris Hall: Arizona

Carson Fox: Utah

Brandon Lowe: Utah

Chase Kiddy: Utah

Ryan Seigh: Utah

Alex Comer: Utah

Schuyler Callihan: Utah

Brandon Phoenix: Utah


Nebraska @ Northwestern

Cody Moyer: Northwestern

Michael Gresko: Northwestern

Chris Hall: Northwestern

Carson Fox: Northwestern

Brandon Lowe: Northwestern

Chase Kiddy: Northwestern

Ryan Seigh: Northwestern

Alex Comer: Nebraska

Schuyler Callihan: Nebraska

Brandon Phoenix: Northwestern


Duke @ Georgia Tech

Cody Moyer: Georgia Tech

Michael Gresko: Georgia Tech

Chris Hall: Georgia Tech

Carson Fox: Duke

Brandon Lowe: Georgia Tech

Chase Kiddy: Georgia Tech

Ryan Seigh: Duke

Alex Comer: Georgia Tech

Schuyler Callihan: Duke

Brandon Phoenix: Georgia Tech


Georgia @ LSU

Cody Moyer: Georgia

Michael Gresko: LSU

Chris Hall: LSU

Carson Fox: Georgia

Brandon Lowe: Georgia

Chase Kiddy: Georgia

Ryan Seigh: Georgia

Alex Comer: Georgia

Schuyler Callihan: Georgia

Brandon Phoenix: Georgia


Texas A&M @ South Carolina

Cody Moyer: Texas A&M

Michael Gresko: South Carolina

Chris Hall: Texas A&M

Carson Fox: Texas A&M

Brandon Lowe: South Carolina

Chase Kiddy: South Carolina

Ryan Seigh: Texas A&M

Alex Comer: Texas A&M

Schuyler Callihan: Texas A&M

Brandon Phoenix: Texas A&M


Washington @ Oregon

Cody Moyer: Washington

Michael Gresko: Washington

Chris Hall: Washington

Carson Fox: Washington

Brandon Lowe: Oregon

Chase Kiddy: Washington

Ryan Seigh: Oregon

Alex Comer: Washington

Schuyler Callihan: Oregon

Brandon Phoenix: Washington


New Mexico @ Colorado St

Cody Moyer: Colorado St

Michael Gresko: Colorado St

Chris Hall: Colorado St

Carson Fox: New Mexico

Brandon Lowe: New Mexico

Chase Kiddy: New Mexico

Ryan Seigh: New Mexico

Alex Comer: New Mexico

Schuyler Callihan: Colorado St

Brandon Phoenix: New Mexico


Wisconsin @ Michigan

Cody Moyer: Michigan

Michael Gresko: Michigan

Chris Hall: Michigan

Carson Fox: Michigan

Brandon Lowe: Michigan

Chase Kiddy: Wisconsin

Ryan Seigh: Michigan

Alex Comer: Wisconsin

Schuyler Callihan: Wisconsin

Brandon Phoenix: Wisconsin


Colorado @ USC

Cody Moyer: USC

Michael Gresko: USC

Chris Hall: USC

Carson Fox: USC

Brandon Lowe: Colorado

Chase Kiddy: USC

Ryan Seigh: Colorado

Alex Comer: USC

Schuyler Callihan: USC

Brandon Phoenix: USC


West Virginia @ Iowa State

Cody Moyer: West Virginia 42-31

Michael Gresko: Iowa State 34-33

Chris Hall: West Virginia 31-27

Carson Fox: West Virginia 48-20

Brandon Lowe: West Virginia 38-21

Chase Kiddy: West Virginia 42-28

Ryan Seigh: West Virginia 35-24

Alex Comer: West Virginia 37-34

Schuyler Callihan: West Virginia 33-23

Brandon Phoenix: West Virginia 41-19


Underdog pick (+4 points if correct)

Cody Moyer: Old Dominion over Marshall

Michael Gresko: Virginia over Miami

Chris Hall: UCLA over Cal

Carson Fox: Hawaii over BYU

Brandon Lowe: UL Monroe over Coastal Carolina

Chase Kiddy: Bryant over Central Connecticut St

Ryan Seigh: Kansas State over Oklahoma St

Alex Comer: Memphis over UCF

Schuyler Callihan: Memphis over UCF

Brandon Phoenix: pitt over Notre Dame

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