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Former Mountaineer Darius Stills Selfless in Assisting Brother Dante with NFL Dream



Dante and Darius Stills

MORGANTOWN, W.Va – Blood is thicker than any possibility of jealousy between current West Virginia defensive lineman Dante Stills and his former Mountaineer brother Darius.

While talking with the media on the heels of his big game performance against Baylor about how he would evaluate his play all season, Dante mentioned that he often seeks that answers from his brother. Dante detailed how he still watches his game film with his brother each week. He even described how Darius offers suggestions on what Dante should be doing in the middle of games from the stands.

Dante expressed how he leans on his brother the most on how to avoid getting frustrated about opponents focusing away from where he is on the field. Darius emphasizes the same thing the WVU coaches explain to Dante – there are no excuses at the next level.

“I always want feedback. I want feedback no matter what. If it’s a good or a bad play, I want feedback,” Dante explained while describing how he looks to his brother for a subtle gesture or signal during games. Dante is a sponge and interested in soaking up as much knowledge as possible. Fortunately, he has an older brother who is willing to unload everything he can, even doing so before he is able to actually achieve his own dream.

None of that may sound too surprising, but the difference of Darius putting so much energy into helping his younger brother now compared to when they were growing up together or when they were teammates at WVU is that it shows his selflessness.

Dante has been honest about idolizing his brother, and even molding his game after Darius. He talked about how he was going to relish stepping out from his brother’s shadow back when Darius graduated. However, one thing that Dante could have over his brother is a professional career in the NFL.

Some were surprised when Darius was not drafted in the 2021 NFL Draft. But he was quickly signed by the Las Vegas Raiders. Unfortunately for Darius, injuries derailed his opportunity with the Raiders. A second chance at sticking on an NFL roster with the Chiefs didn’t work out either. Darius is currently a free agent and working out in hopes someone will call. That’s according to Dante.

Has 2022 Season Impacted Dante Stills’ NFL Potential?

Imagine running a race with no finish line in sight. That’s the life of Darius Stills today. Well, that and preparing to become a dad. The journey of waiting for the phone to ring and hoping to just land a chance with a team is the hidden life of many professional athletes. It’s a difficult existence, especially mentally. But regardless of his personal plight, Darius is making it a goal of his to make his little brother’s path to the NFL an easier one.

It’s possible Dante has a more successful NFL career than Darius. And if that does happen, Dante will have his older brother to thank. The story of the Stills brothers is a tale of siblings who played together their whole life, the younger one dreamed of being like the older one, both decided to stay home and wear the Old Gold and Blue, they were able to share the field as Mountaineers and then one who put his own goals and struggles aside to aid the other.

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