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WVU AD Shane Lyons plans to redesign court at the Coliseum



Photo via WV Illustrated

Late into the evening last night, word surfaced that West Virginia athletic director, Shane Lyons has plans of redesigning the court floor at the WVU Coliseum. When asked about what the new look court might look like he replied, ” Are we going to do any crazy design like Oregon and some other courts? Probably not. We’ll go with more traditional ideas, but there will be a new look to the floor. It’ll still be gold and blue, but nothing too crazy. It may just be a matter of doing a bigger Flying WV in the center, but there may be some other things.”

It may be a year or two before the design is released and actually put onto the floor, but here are some possible ideas or concepts that Lyons might be considering.

Let us know, which one is your favorite!

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