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Asti’s AP Top 25 College Football Rankings



Week 2 of college didn’t disappoint as the weekend was filled with down to the wire matchups and some major upsets.

Exciting matchups and upsets this week included No. 1 Alabama squeaking by Texas 20-19, Marshall over No. 8 Notre Dame 26-21, Appalachian State upsets No. 6 Texas A&M 17-14, No. 19 Wisconsin loses to Washington State 17-14, Texas Tech defeats No. 25 Houston 33-30 in OT, Kansas with a road win over West Virginia 55-42 in OT, No. Kentucky over No. 12 Florida 26-16 and No. 21 BYU beats No. 9 26-20 in OT.

Every week during this college football season, I will offer my own Top 25 rankings. These rankings are mine and mine alone. They will most certainly be different from the national rankings at times, although maybe they will be similar occasionally too. How the teams play and who they play will matter.


1) Georgia – They are the undefeated defending champions who has never missed a beat or broken a sweat at all, including against a team ranked 11th at kickoff. I get the Bama love, but Georgia deserves the top spot for me.
2) Alabama – It wasn’t pretty at all, but they won. They also won on the road in a tough place to play. We will see exactly how good Texas is in the coming weeks. With that said, the Tide are 2 for me because I would’ve had them 2 entering the week. Georgia is the defending champion and after 2 games has been dominating more often than Bama. Georgia has a better win on their resume too.
3) Ohio State – The Buckeyes are extremely talented, but the Notre Dame win does look a lot worse now after the Irish’s loss to Marshall. OSU won’t be tested for awhile so will need to win big to prove their worth. Fortunately, they will have 3 ranked games (as of now) before season’s end.
4) Clemson – Clemson’s season will be decided by their quarterback, for better or worse. They have one more cupcake before some true tests.
5) Michigan – Jim Harbaugh finally named his starting quarterback. Much like Clemson, UM will have to prove things against better competition but is looking very good.
6) Oklahoma
7) Oklahoma State
8) USC
9) Miami, Fla.
10) Arkansas
11) Michigan State
12) Kentucky
13) Utah
14) Wake Forest
15) Ole Miss
16) Tennessee
17) BYU
18) Baylor
19) Texas A&M
20) NC State
21) Penn State – I’ll offer analysis here because our Sports Now network covers PSU at Nittany Sports Now. When you struggle with Purdue and then blast a lesser level program like Ohio, it’s tough to buy PSU too much yet.
22) Florida
23) Pitt – The Panthers win over WVU doesn’t look as good as it once did, but they did win a big rivalry game. Pitt’s loss to Tennessee also took place in overtime, was to a ranked team and was without Slovis for the second half. Pitt will now stack wins in easier games.
24) Texas
25) Notre Dame

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