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DVN Pickem Week 10 with Chad Grier



Texas A&M @ Auburn

Cody Moyer: Auburn

Michael Gresko: Auburn

Chris Hall: Auburn

Carson Fox: Auburn

Brandon Lowe: Auburn

Chase Kiddy: Texas A&M

Ryan Seigh: Texas A&M

Alex Comer: Texas A&M

Schuyler Callihan: Auburn

Chad Grier: Auburn


South Carolina @ Ole Miss

Cody Moyer: South Carolina

Michael Gresko: Ole Miss

Chris Hall: South Carolina

Carson Fox: South Carolina

Brandon Lowe: Ole Miss

Chase Kiddy: South Carolina

Ryan Seigh: Ole Miss

Alex Comer: South Carolina

Schuyler Callihan: South Carolina

Chad Grier: Ole Miss


Michigan St @ Maryland

Cody Moyer: Michigan St

Michael Gresko: Michigan St

Chris Hall: Maryland

Carson Fox: Michigan St

Brandon Lowe: Michigan St

Chase Kiddy: Michigan St

Ryan Seigh: Michigan St

Alex Comer: Michigan St

Schuyler Callihan: Michigan St

Chad Grier: Michigan St


Georgia @ Kentucky

Cody Moyer: Georgia

Michael Gresko: Georgia

Chris Hall: Georgia

Carson Fox: Georgia

Brandon Lowe: Georgia

Chase Kiddy: Georgia

Ryan Seigh: Georgia

Alex Comer: Georgia

Schuyler Callihan: Georgia

Chad Grier: Georgia


Iowa @ Purdue

Cody Moyer: Iowa

Michael Gresko: Purdue

Chris Hall: Purdue

Carson Fox: Purdue

Brandon Lowe: Purdue

Chase Kiddy: Purdue

Ryan Seigh: Iowa

Alex Comer: Purdue

Schuyler Callihan: Purdue

Chad Grier: Iowa


Penn State @ Michigan

Cody Moyer: Michigan

Michael Gresko: Michigan

Chris Hall: Michigan

Carson Fox: Michigan

Brandon Lowe: Penn State

Chase Kiddy: Michigan

Ryan Seigh: Penn State

Alex Comer: Penn State

Schuyler Callihan: Michigan

Chad Grier: Michigan


Boston College @ Virginia Tech

Cody Moyer: Boston College

Michael Gresko: Boston College

Chris Hall: Virginia Tech

Carson Fox: Boston College

Brandon Lowe: Virginia Tech

Chase Kiddy: Boston College

Ryan Seigh: Boston College

Alex Comer: Boston College

Schuyler Callihan: Boston College

Chad Grier: Boston College


Notre Dame @ Northwestern

Cody Moyer: Notre Dame

Michael Gresko: Northwestern

Chris Hall: Notre Dame

Carson Fox: Northwestern

Brandon Lowe: Northwestern

Chase Kiddy: Notre Dame

Ryan Seigh: Notre Dame

Alex Comer: Notre Dame

Schuyler Callihan: Notre Dame

Chad Grier: Northwestern


Alabama @ LSU

Cody Moyer: Alabama

Michael Gresko: Alabama

Chris Hall: Alabama

Carson Fox: Alabama

Brandon Lowe: Alabama

Chase Kiddy: Alabama

Ryan Seigh: Alabama

Alex Comer: LSU

Schuyler Callihan: Alabama

Chad Grier: Alabama


Stanford @ Washington

Cody Moyer: Washington

Michael Gresko: Washington

Chris Hall: Washington

Carson Fox: Washington

Brandon Lowe: Washington

Chase Kiddy: Washington

Ryan Seigh: Washington

Alex Comer: Washington

Schuyler Callihan: Washington

Chad Grier: Stanford


West Virginia @ Texas

Cody Moyer: West Virginia  34-17

Michael Gresko: West Virginia 33-24

Chris Hall: West Virginia 30-27

Carson Fox: West Virginia 35-31

Brandon Lowe: West Virginia 38-21

Chase Kiddy: West Virginia 38-31

Ryan Seigh: West Virginia 35-31

Alex Comer: West Virginia 47-33

Schuyler Callihan: West Virginia 30-23

Chad Grier: West Virginia by 10


Underdog pick:

Cody Moyer: Colorado over Arizona

Michael Gresko: Arizona St over Utah

Chris Hall: Baylor over Oklahoma State

Carson Fox: Missouri over Florida

Brandon Lowe: Navy over Cincinnati

Chase Kiddy: Florida Atlantic over Florida International

Ryan Seigh: Missouri over Florida

Alex Comer: Temple over Central Florida

Schuyler Callihan: Wake Forest over Syracuse

Chad Grier: Air Force over Army


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