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Interview with Jevon Carter’s mother



As we all know the 2016-17 season for the Mountaineers Men’s Basketball program has come to a close but that isn’t stopping point guard, Jevon Carter in preparation for his senior campaign. A few days ago, social media took notice to an interesting storyline when Jevon’s mother, C.J., posted on Facebook her conversation with her son following the Sweet 16 defeat to Gonzaga. In the post, she had stated that Jevon will usually like to talk to her for a good while but this time was different, he said, “Ma, I’ll call you tomorrow I’m getting ready to go.” this shocked C.J. and she thought that he was going to hang out with his friends so she cracked a few jokes with him and he said, “I’m going to the gym to shoot around.”



Once I saw the post, I immediately reached out to Jevon’s mother and asked if she would agree to the interview, which she accepted. And here’s how the interview went:



Schuyler: “Were you shocked when Jevon started getting in the gym immediately following the loss to Gonzaga?”


C.J.: “Everyone is misunderstanding because of not knowing Jevon personally…him going to the gym had nothing to do with the loss, that is his regular routine! That game wasn’t his first loss and won’t be his last. He’s in the gym just like that after a win.”
Schuyler: “What do you expect out of not only Jevon but WVU next year? Is a championship possible?”
C.J.: “I expect Jevon to do exactly what his nickname “Next Level” indicates. He will put in work all summer long and come back in the fall with his game elevated to his next level. He is his only competition. I expect that the teammates that got a taste of the NCAA tournament realized it’s sweet and they will be hungrier for a longer run next year so they will work harder and encourage the new recruits to work harder from day one because they now believe that they are a championship worthy team and if they listen to Coach Huggs he will lead them all the way!”
Schuyler: “Being a parent to a college athlete can be hard dealing with the separation, many parents want to be able to trust the coach while their son is miles away. What was it about the staff at WVU that helped you believe it was a great choice for him?”
C.J.: “Huggs’ resume spoke for itself according to Leroy, Jevon’s father. I didn’t follow college basketball and had no clue who Bob Huggins was. It was Coach Larry Harrison that saw Jevon playing in an AAU tournament in Orlando, Florida and he told Huggs he wanted him for their program and Huggs said “Let’s go get him.” Huggs told us the guards that he had and who he had coming in and that Jevon would be the final piece of the backcourt. I believed WVU would be an excellent choice when Jevon made it his choice immediately after he left his visit with his dad and called me and said, “Ma, that’s it I’m going to West Virginia.” He had been to a couple of other schools for visits and had several more offers on the table which he did not even entertain!”
Schuyler: “Since you have now been to the state what are your thoughts on West Virginia and Morgantown?”
C.J.: “Being from Tennessee, I love West Virginia! And Morgantown reminds me a lot of my college town of Chattanooga, TN. This year I plan to spend more time there with fans/friends to enjoy a bonfire and tailgating for some of the Mountaineer football games. I was also promised to have some homemade pepperoni rolls!”
Schuyler: “Nothing is better than a nice homemade pepperoni roll that’s for certain! Lastly, what would it mean to you and your family if Jevon was a part of the first ever team at WVU to win a national championship in a major sport?”
C.J.: “Jevon is my MVP..MOST VALUABLE PERSON! He has a sister and three brothers but he’s my only child. I support him in basketball at WVU because that is his passion, growing up I supported him the same in baseball, football and soccer. He would love nothing more than to help bring a championship to WVU. His family has seen him bring several championship trophies homes over the years, but this one would be for WEST VIRGINIA, FOR WVU, FOR THE MOUNTAINEERS AND FOR COACH HUGGINS AND THE STAFF! WVU won’t be the end of the basketball road for Jevon but you can count on him to give 100% every game to get us one game closer to the championship!”
It is clear that Mountaineer Nation should be proud for the amount of work that this young man, Jevon Carter puts in for this team and this state. At the end of his time at West Virginia he may be one of the most decorated players to ever step foot in Morgantown in the old gold and blue! If there is one thing I can say it would be, Mountaineer fans get ready because 2017-18 is going to be a season to remember for the ages!


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