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WVU Basketball Recruiting

Kenyon Martin Jr. narrows down his list of schools

Schuyler Callihan



Photo via Sierra Canton Athletics

Yesterday evening, top 2019 basketball recruit Kenyon Martin Jr. (Chatsworth, CA) trimmed his list of schools down to four.

Those schools? UCLA, TCU, Vanderbilt and West Virginia.

To basketball fans, I’m sure the name certainly rings a bell. Kenyon Jr’s dad, Kenyon Sr., was one of the nations best college basketball players at Cincinnati under Bob Huggins.

Last year on an episode of Undisputed on FS1, Martin Sr. was asked who was the best coach he ever played for.

He replied by saying Bob Huggins, “Just how he is with his guys. How he cares about his guys and how he gets them to buy in. The things that he says to us behind the scenes to get you to believe that you can accomplish greatness.”

As many parents do, I’m sure Kenyon Sr. has had a big role in Jr’s recruitment, but that doesn’t mean he’s leaning him in any particular direction. Ultimately it will be Martin Jr’s decision.

With Sagaba Konate officially heading to the NBA, there are three open scholarships available for Bob Huggins to fill.

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