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Neal Brown Offers Strong Take About Possibility of Helmet Technology in College Football



WVU Football HC Neal Brown

MORGANTOWN, W.Va. – WVU head coach Neal Brown finally weighed in with his thoughts on a controversial topic surrounding college football this season. And Brown gave a bit of a different take than some of his colleagues.

Before he wrapped up his weekly press conference on Monday, Brown was finally asked about the debate over sign stealing and the use of technology to try to decode what an opponent may do.

Brown did not hold back. He feels “it’s asinine” that college football does not allow technology to be used in helmets like in the NFL so coaches and players can communicate.

While not exactly mentioning Michigan or Jim Harbaugh by name, Brown did elaborate. “It makes no sense that we don’t have helmet communication. With all the money we have in college football, it’s one of the more asinine things that we don’t have it. 100 percent we should use it,” he said.

Getting more specific to what Michigan is being accused of, Michigan is alleged to have had people attending games of future scheduled opponents. A recent report suggests TCU was aware of this prior to facing the Wolverines in a College Football Playoff game and they changed their signals before the game.

Report: TCU Learned of Michigan’s Sign-Stealing Scheme Ahead of CFP Game

The purpose of their presence is believe to be to find out info on signs these teams use for play calling on both sides of the ball. If Michigan is found guilty, it will have violated NCAA Bylaw 11.6.1. This bylaw says that “Off-campus, in-person scouting of future opponents (in the same season) is prohibited.”

The allegations against Michigan has sparked a debate about what should be allowed, especially in comparison to what is allowed and has been happening in the NFL. Teams and players across all sports have been trying to steal signs throughout the history of sports, but it’s the way Michigan is accused of going by it that led to the investigation and the possibility of future penalties or sanctions.

Brown has not offered any additional public comments on the subject to this point. He made the comments he did make right before attending a conference call with other Big 12 coaches.

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