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WVU gets large share of annual Big 12 revenue



Photo via WVU Athletics

The Big 12 announced that that its members will split $348 million in revenue for the 2016-17 year. Despite it’s worsening reputation over the last few seasons, the $34.8 million that each school will receive is the highest so far.

The distribution put the Big 12 in third place among Power 5 conferences, behind the SEC and Big Ten, but ahead of the ACC and Pac-12. The Big 12 payouts have increased drastically over the last two seasons with per school revenue sharing being $25.2 million in 2014-2015 and $30.4 million in 2015-2016.

With payouts projected to rise over $40 million in the next few years, the Big 12 is finding itself in great financial shape.

While many still question WVU’s movement to the Big 12, this payout and projected future payouts are proving to be worth it. When WVU first joined the Big 12, they were receiving just over $10 million in conference revenue, which was already up $1.16 million from their last year in the Big East. With their payout now reaching almost $35 million, WVU’s athletic program is in a great position for the future.

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