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Big 12 Basketball Roundup Before Conference Play Begins



Big 12 basketball Tournament

Big 12 basketball is looking like another grueling conference season from teams at the top and the bottom. Conference play will begin on Saturday, Jan. 6. Let’s take a look at how each Big 12 team is doing so far.


Record: 12-0

KenPom: 1

Best Win: Texas A&M

Scoring Leader: LJ Cryer (17.0 ppg)

Rebounding Leader: J’Wan Roberts (7.1 rpg)

Assist Leader: Jamal Shead (6.0 apg)


Record: 11-1

KenPom: 4

Best Win: San Diego State

Scoring Leader: Jaxson Robinson (16.5 ppg)

Rebounding Leader: Noah Waterman (6.5 rpg)

Assist Leader: Spencer Johnson (5.1 apg)


Record: 11-1

KenPom: 16

Best Win: UConn

Scoring Leader: Kevin McCullar (20.4 ppg)

Rebounding Leader: Hunter Dickinson (12.5 rpg)

Assist Leader: Dajuan Harris (6.8 apg)


Record: 10-1

KenPom: 22

Best Win: Providence

Scoring Leader: Otega Oweh (15.6 ppg)

Rebounding Leader: Sam Godwin (5.7 rpg)

Assist Leader: Milos Uzan (3.9 apg)


Record: 10-2

KenPom: 18

Best Win: Auburn

Scoring Leader: Ja’Kobe Walter (15.3 ppg)

Rebounding Leader: Yves Missi (6.5 rpg)

Assist Leader: RayJ Dennis (6.4 apg)


Record: 10-2

KenPom: 40

Best Win: Georgia Tech

Scoring Leader: Viktor Lakhin (13.8 ppg)

Rebounding Leader: Aziz Bandaogo (9.0 rpg)

Assist Leader: Simas Lukosius (3.3 apg)

Iowa State

Record: 10-2

KenPom: 12

Best Win: Iowa

Scoring Leader: Tamin Lipsey (15.5 ppg)

Rebounding Leader: Tamin Lipsey (6.0 rpg)

Assist Leader: Tamin Lipsey (6.1 apg)


Record: 10-2

KenPom: 36

Best Win: Arizona State

Scoring Leader: Emanuel Miller (16.5 ppg)

Rebounding Leader: Emanuel Miller (6.1 rpg)

Assist Leader: Jameer Nelson Jr. (3.6 apg)


Record: 9-2

KenPom: 38

Best Win: LSU

Scoring Leader: Max Abmas (17.7 ppg)

Rebounding Leader: Dillon Mitchell (9.7 rpg)

Assist Leader: Max Abmas (4.3 apg)

Texas Tech

Record: 9-2

KenPom: 45

Best Win: Michigan

Scoring Leader: Joe Toussaint (15.0 pgg)

Rebounding Leader: Warren Washington (8.6 rpg)

Assist Leader: Joe Toussaint (4.0 apg)

Kansas State

Record: 9-3

KenPom: 69

Best Win: Providence

Scoring Leader: Camryn Carter (16.3 ppg)

Rebounding Leader: Arthur Kaluma (8.2 rpg)

Assist Leader: Tylor Perry (5.5 apg)


Record: 8-3

KenPom: 78

Best Win: Charlotte

Scoring Leader: Jaylin Sellers (18.5 ppg)

Rebounding Leader: Ibrahima Diallo (6.4 rpg)

Assist Leader: Darius Johnson (3.6 apg)

Oklahoma State

Record: 6-5

KenPom: 93

Best Win: Tulsa

Scoring Leader: Javon Small (15.8 ppg)

Rebounding Leader: Eric Dalley Jr. (6.2 rpg)

Assist Leader: Javon Small (5.1 apg)

West Virginia

Record: 5-7

KenPom: 129

Best Win: Missouri State

Scoring Leader: RaeQuan Battle (29.0 pgg – 2 games)

Rebounding Leader: Jesse Edwards (8.7 rpg)

Assist Leader: Kerr Kriisa (7.7 apg – 3 games)

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