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Big 12 Basketball Transfer Portal Update No. 6



Big 12 Basketball Transfer

It’s been a while since we’ve been able to provide a transfer portal update in the Big 12. Since then Baylor, Cincinnati and others have made moves. Let’s take a look around the conference as everything is pretty much final in the offseason recruiting.

The NCAA Transfer Portal currently has nearly over 1,700 men’s basketball players in the database.

**All offseason moves are as of Saturday, June 3


Departures: Dale Bonner (G – Ohio State), L.J. Cryer (G – Houston), Zach Loveday (F – Samford), Jordan Turner (G – Louisiana Tech)

Commits: RayJ Dennis (G – Toledo), Jayden Nunn (G – VCU)


Departures: Hao Dong (F), Braeden Moore (F – Oral Roberts)

Commits: Dawson Baker (G – UC-Irvine), Ques Glover (G – Samford), Aly Khalifa (C – Charlotte)


Departures: Mika Adams-Woods (G – St. Bonaventure), Jeremiah Davenport (G – Arkansas), Jarrett Hensley (F – Southern Illinois)

Commits: Aziz Bandaogo (C – Utah Valley), CJ Fredrick (G – Kentucky), Simas Lukosius (G – Butler), Jamille Reynolds (C – Temple)


Departures: Tramon Mark (G – Arkansas), Mylik Wilson (G)

Commits: L.J. Cryer (G – Baylor), Damian Dunn (G – Temple)

Iowa State

Departures: Caleb Grill (G – Missouri), Eli King (G – North Dakota), Jeremiah Williams (G – Illinois)

Commits: Keshon Gilbert (G – UNLV), Curtis Jones (G – Buffalo), Jackson Paveletzke (G – Wofford)


Departures: Zach Clemence (F – UC Santa Barbra), Kyle Cuffe Jr. (G – Syracuse), Zuby Ejiofor (C – St. John’s), Cam Martin (F – Boise State), Bobby Pettiford (G – East Carolina), M.J. Rice (G – NC State), Ernest Udeh (C – TCU), Joseph Yesufu (G – Washington State)

Commits: Parker Braun (F – Santa Clara), Hunter Dickinson (C – Michigan), Arterio Morris (G – Texas), Nick Timberlake (G – Towson)

Kansas State

Departures: Peyton Ackerman (G), Ismael Massoud (F – Georgetown), Anthony Thomas (G – Northwestern State)

Commits: Tylor Perry (G – North Texas)


Departures: Joe Bamisile (G – VCU), Bijan Cortes (G – Wichita State), Jacob Groves (F – Virginia), Jalen Hill (F – UNLV), C.J. Noland (G – Saint Louis), Benny Schroder (G – George Washington)

Commits: Le’Tre Darthard (G – Utah Valley), John Hugley (F – Pitt), Javian McCollum (G – Siena), Jalon Moore (F – Georgia Tech), Rivaldo Soares (F – Oregon)

Oklahoma State

Departures: Avery Anderson (G – TCU), Kalib Boone (F – UNLV), Moussa Cisse (C – Ole Miss), Chris Harris (G), Woody Newton (G – George Mason), Tyreek Smith (F – SMU)

Commits: Jarius Hicklen (G – North Florida), Mike Marsh (F – Jacksonville), Javon Small (G – East Carolina)


Departures: Rowan Brumbaugh (G – Georgetown), Arterio Morris (G – Kansas)

Commits: Max Abmas (G – Oral Roberts), Ze’rik Onyema (F – UTEP), Kadin Shedrick (C – Virginia), Chendall Weaver (G – UT Arlington)


Departures: Souleymane Doumbia (C – Sam Houston State), P.J. Haggerty (G – Tulsa), Eddie Lampkin (C – Colorado), Michael Niemann (G – Rollins College), Rondel Walker (G), Shahada Wells (G – McNeese State)

Commits: Avery Anderson (G – Oklahoma State), Essam Mostafa (F – Coastal Carolina), Jameer Nelson Jr. (G – Delaware), Trey Tennyson (G – Texas A&M-Corpus Christi), Ernest Udeh (C – Kansas)

Texas Tech

Departures: Fardaws Aimaq (C – Cal), K.J. Allen (F – Portland State), Daniel Batcho (C – Louisiana Tech), Elijah Fisher (G – DePaul), Jaylon Tyson (F – Cal), CJ Williams (G)

Commits: KyeRon Lindsay (F – Georgia), Chance McMillian (G – Grand Canyon), Robert Jennings (F – BACK to Texas Tech), Warren Washington (C – Arizona State), Darrion Williams (F – Nevada)


Departures: P.J. Edwards (G – Bowling Green), Tyem Freeman (G – Kent State), Brandon Suggs (F – New Mexico State), Lahat Thioune (C – South Dakota), Jayhlon Young (G – Memphis)

Commits: Shemarri Allen (G – Kansas City), Omar Payne (G – Jacksonville), Jaylin Sellers (G – Ball State), Jaykwon Walton (F – Wichita State)

West Virginia

Departures: Jimmy Bell (C – Mississippi State), Josiah Davis (G – Tennessee Tech), Jamel King (F – Kennesaw State)

Commits: RaeQuan Battle (G – Montana State), Jesse Edwards (C – Syracuse), Kerr Kriisa (G – Arizona), Jose Perez (G – Manhattan), Omar Silverio (G – Manhattan)

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