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In the Holler: New Special Opportunity for WVU Students, Faculty



Holler content for WVU fans

Are you in the Holler? Well, we now have a special offer for those on the WVU campus every day.

WV Sports Now has decided to create a special opportunity for current students and faculty at West Virginia University. Active students are made up of either fans who grew up with the Mountaineers ingrained in them from birth or those new to being a member of Mountaineer Nation. And the faculty are the ones guiding the students through their college experience.

We feel both the students and faculty deserve the respect of a discount. If you are a current student or faculty, the WVSN “Holler” content will be available to you for only $17.50, that’s half-off a yearly subscription.

Thanks to the massive growth our network has been able to experience, we are now able to offer exclusive content to our most loyal supporters. The idea for the “Holler,” a place most familiar with West Virginia know as a secluded area, is to create a place our leaders in coverage Mike Asti and Ethan Bock can build a community atmosphere with passionate members of Mountaineer Nation.

Again, expect a community vibe full of insider tips, watch parties, special opportunities to interact with former Mountaineers and other notable figures in WVSN’s Holler. While most of our content at WVSN, meaning game coverage, analysis, feature stories, commentaries and so much more will still be available to all readers and viewers, we now feel we can offer more in-depth coverage overall to those who truly crave it.

Introducing WVSN’s ‘Holler’ – An Exclusive Community for Passionate WVU Fans

Due to the ever-changing landscape of college athletics and size of the West Virginia fan base, we strive to ensure those in our “Holler” will receive special content they can only find with us. We hope this will make joining essential for every WVU fan.

Welcome to WVSN’s Holler! Stay tuned for even more news to come.

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