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Neal Brown, Garrett Greene Both Praise Zach Frazier for Intelligence, Toughness



WVU Football Garrett Greene and Zach Frazier

In what will end up being his final play as a Mountaineer, Zach Frazier showed how much he truly cares about WVU and the value he offers as a player all in one moment.

And that’s something Neal Brown brought up while discussing Frazier’s injury towards the end of West Virginia’s wild win over Baylor. Brown mentioned Frazier’s presence of mind and how it embodied who he is as a player, and even as a person.

Frazier limped off the field, knowing that if he stayed down it would be a 10-second runoff and the loss of time his team may need. Instead, he made sure to get himself off the field on his own power and not cost his time. This was after suffering what Brown classified as a “significant” injury during his press conference mediately following the game.

“He has an injury that is significant. Don’t know how long he’ll be out, but he probably won’t play in the bowl game,” said Brown. So knowing that the injury is significant only adds to the selflessness of the act by Frazier.

Brown then went into detail about how much Frazier means to him and where he ranks among the best players he’s ever coached.

“I can’t say enough about Zach Frazier. So appreciative of him and his family. I think one play sums up who he is for his entire career, and I just hope our fanbase a young man from Fairmont, I think he’s the best center in college football,” said Brown with conviction.

“This is how smart he is and tough he is – he had an injury that’s significant, not something that’s going to be long term, but he probably won’t play in the bowl game. He limps off because he knows it’s a 10-second runoff if he stays down. He’s got a lower leg injury and he limps off on one-leg to avoid a 10-second runoff. I think that speaks to his intelligence, how tough he is, and that he’s a great player. I plan on doing this for a long time, I don’t think I’ll ever coach a center that’s better.”

The injury to Frazier did put a damper on the mood around the Mountaineers. Quarterback Garrett Greene talked about how Frazier is one of his best friends on the team and how he’s sick for his All-American center. He also touched on how Frazier does everything right and then reiterated how big of a deal avoiding the 10-second run off was as they offense was driving to score the eventual game-winning touchdown.

While it’s possible Frazer may have made decided to skip the bowl game even if fully healthy, it now appears like an injury in WVU’s final game of the season made his decision for him.

With his NFL stock already high, a bowl game won’t have much of an impact on his individual future anyway. But finishing out his college career in a bowl game may have meant something more to the Fairmont, West Virginia native than it would to just any WVU player.

Zach Frazier to Take Part in Senior Bowl During NFL Draft Process

Unfortunately for Frazier, that won’t happen and his focus is now just on getting as healthy so he can participate in as much of the NFL Draft process as possible. Frazier has already earned an invite to the Senior Bowl, which usually indicates serious interest from NFL scouts.

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