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Watch: Neal Brown Joins ‘The Pat McAfee Show’



West Virginia head football coach Neal Brown connected with a former Mountaineer this morning, making an appearance on ‘The Pat McAfee Show’.

McAfee, a Mountaineer from 2005-08, brought Brown on his show to talk about ‘The Last Dance’, WVU hiring a branding expert to help players and Brown’s impressions of Morgantown.

On ‘The Last Dance’, ESPN’s 10-part documentary on the 1997-98 Chicago Bulls, Brown said his biggest takeaway so far has been Michael Jordan’s notion that winning and leadership comes at a price.

“To me, there’s always this internal battle with leaders in general between popularity and being respected,” Brown said. “Everybody wants to be liked, that’s just natural…but as a leader, it’s more important to be respected, and it’s a fine line.”

Brown said the price of leadership was a big talking point during WVU’s team meetings on Monday.

“Everybody can’t relate to Michael Jordan, but everybody can relate to that role player,” Brown said. “That’s the thing that stuck out to me, there’s a price to leadership, yeah, but there’s also a price to follow-ship and that’s what doesn’t get talked about a bunch.”

Brown’s entire spot, about 20 minutes in total, can be seen below.

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