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Adam ‘Pacman’ Jones Issues Statement with Details About Recent Arrest



Adam Pacman Jones at WVU on Milan Puskar Stadium

It’s taken a few months, but former Mountaineer Adam ‘Pacman’ Jones finally detailed his full side of what happened when he was arrested in September. And in a long statement he posted on social media, Jones took accountability and apologized for his behavior towards the police that night.

After previously teasing that he would eventually tell his story by releasing a video with a new rap song of his, he issued a full statement that can be read below on Thursday morning.

“Your Honor,

Thank you for allowing me to speak on my own behalf today. I take my role as a retired athlete and citizen of our community seriously; I absolutely believe in giving back and treating others well. I LOVE living in this city. That’s why I am disappointed that I stand before you today.

On the day in question, I was flying for work; I have a lot of people that I am responsible for and getting an opportunity to work is something I am thankful for. I was headed to film a show that would be aired on ESPN. I had purchased two seats because I knew I would need extra room for my pre-show preparation. My computer, my notes, etc..

Unfortunately, neither of the chargers for the seats I purchased were working. I contacted the flight attendant about moving and received no assistance.  Shortly thereafter, to my surprise, I was advised the plane was returning to the ramp and that I would be required to exit the plane. I was stunned.

I was admittedly confused and certainly frustrated when I left the plane and encountered the Airport Police. I am not proud of my conversations with the police that day. I am truly aware that police have a very difficult job and deserve to be treated with respect and appreciation. I let my frustrations from the plane bubble over into my conversation with the officers. I regret the fact that my comments were rude, offensive, and not warranted. The police were professional with me and deserved my respect in return. I genuinely apologize. Thank you, your honor.

Schmell me,” wrote the WVU legend and former NFL star.

The WVU legend was arrested at Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport on on misdemeanor charges of alcohol intoxication, disorderly conduct and terroristic threatening.

Jones was released after booking, calling the terroristic threatening charge “bulls***” in an interview with Cincinnati news. Video has now surfaced of the incident as Jones also has been putting more of his thoughts out on social media about what he says really occurred.

“I did not threaten anyone,” the former Mountaineer told “I was not drunk. And, as the video clearly shows, I was the one who was mistreated,” he said at the time.

“Never lost my cool , wasn’t drunk , and never threat nobody , buts always a MF who wanna talk crazy, you going back to jail,” Jones said on Twitter (X) two days after the arrest. 

“Do I look intoxicated to you? I have only been locked up for two hours,” Jones said. “Y’all talking about 6:30 in the morning. Who in the hell is drunk at 6:30 in the morning, man?”

Jones then said the charges stemmed from a dispute over malfunctioning phone chargers on a flight out of the airport, and that the flight crew said they would have to turn the plane around if he wanted to change seats in order to remedy the issue.

Jones, who played for WVU from 2002-04 and went on to enjoy a 13-season NFL career, most notably eight years with the Cincinnati Bengals, has had a number of legal incidents in the past.

He has remained active in the Cincinnati and Mountaineer communities since his playing days came to an end. Jones has visited the football program under Neal Brown and has spoken with the team, giving the players advice.

Jones also contributed to the Pat McAfee Show on a regular basis before the incident.

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