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WVU’s Josh Eilert on Possibly Playing Battle, Farrakhan: ‘We’re Still in Limbo’



WVU Basketball Head Coach Josh Eilert

WVU interim HC Josh Eilert met with the media over Zoom on Thursday morning to preview the UMass game. Eilert opened the press conference with a statement about the TRO ruling on Wednesday, allowing all multi-time transfers to be eligible at least until Dec. 27 before the next hearing.

Even though the ruling makes guards RaeQuan Battle and Noah Farrakhan eligible, WVU is taking all precautions to make sure they won’t burn out their eligibility.

“As concerning yesterday, everyone saw the ruling that came out in the U.S. District Court. Really happy for Rae [Battle] and the courage that it took for him to pursue his eligibility status, stand up there and testify. You’ve heard me all along saying that Rae should be playing basketball and I truly believe that it is important for him and his mental health. I think he’s met that criteria for immediate eligibility,” Eilert said. “Like the statement that we put out yesterday said, we’re consulting with our counsel and outside counsel before making a determination on the eligibility status of our student-athletes that were affected as a part of this decision. We’re trying to get some of those questions answered but unfortunately, I don’t have much to add other than what we put out in a statement. I know I saw last night several schools had played their affected student-athletes and some had sat them out. We’re still in limbo. I think there are a lot of schools out there still in limbo trying to get those questions answered. Fortunately, we don’t play until Saturday evening and we’re hoping to get those answers sooner than later.”

Eilert added that the unknown of burning eligibility is his biggest concern.

“I’m not going to make a rash decision to affect a kid’s future,” he said.

Battle has been one of the faces leading this fight for multi-time transfers. Battle took the stand in Wheeling, testifying for about 37 minutes. Eilert and West Virginia have beat the bush that Battle needs basketball in his life for the past couple of months. Eilert hopes to know whether or not they can play Battle and Farrakhan either on Thursday or Friday as the NCAA hasn’t been clear about eligibility. Judge John Preston Bailey’s orders include that the NCAA can’t retroactively punish teams for playing the players during this two-week period.

West Virginia and UMass will tipoff in the Basketball Hall of Fame Classic on Saturday at 6:30 p.m. in Springfield, Mass.

**Update 3:44 p.m.: the NCAA responded to members with guidelines, stating that now-eligible players could lose eligibility if they play from now until Dec. 27.

Report: NCAA Now Saying Transfers Can Lose Eligibility During TRO

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