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DVN Pickems: Week Five






Alex Comer241556
Chase Kiddy251454
Cody Moyer251454
Ryan Seigh221752
Carson Fox261352
Schuyler Callihan241552
Chris Hall211850
Michael Gresko192046
Brandon Lowe221744

BYU @ Washington

Cody Moyer: Washington

Michael Gresko: Washington

Christopher Hall: BYU

Carson Fox: Washington

Brandon Lowe: BYU

Chase Kiddy: Washington

Ryan Seigh: Washington

Alex Comer: Washington

Schuyler Callihan: Washington


Oregon @ Cal

Cody Moyer: Oregon

Michael Gresko: Oregon

Christopher Hall: Oregon

Carson Fox: Oregon

Brandon Lowe: Oregon

Chase Kiddy: Oregon

Ryan Seigh: Oregon

Alex Comer: Oregon

Schuyler Callihan: Oregon


Michigan @ Northwestern

Cody Moyer: Michigan

Michael Gresko: Michigan

Christopher Hall: Michigan

Carson Fox: Michigan

Brandon Lowe: Michigan

Chase Kiddy: Michigan

Ryan Seigh: Michigan

Alex Comer: Michigan

Schuyler Callihan: Michigan


Florida St @ Louisville

Cody Moyer: Louisville

Michael Gresko: Florida State

Christopher Hall: Louisville

Carson Fox: Florida State

Brandon Lowe: Louisville

Chase Kiddy: Florida State

Ryan Seigh: Florida State

Alex Comer: Louisville

Schuyler Callihan: Florida State


Florida @ Mississippi State

Cody Moyer: Florida

Michael Gresko: Mississippi St

Christopher Hall: Mississippi St

Carson Fox: Mississippi St

Brandon Lowe: Mississippi St

Chase Kiddy: Mississippi St

Ryan Seigh: Mississippi St

Alex Comer: Mississippi St

Schuyler Callihan: Mississippi St


South Carolina @ Kentucky

Cody Moyer: Kentucky

Michael Gresko: Kentucky

Christopher Hall: Kentucky

Carson Fox: Kentucky

Brandon Lowe: Kentucky

Chase Kiddy: Kentucky

Ryan Seigh: Kentucky

Alex Comer: Kentucky

Schuyler Callihan: Kentucky


Iowa State @ TCU

Cody Moyer: TCU

Michael Gresko: TCU

Christopher Hall: TCU

Carson Fox: TCU

Brandon Lowe: TCU

Chase Kiddy: TCU

Ryan Seigh: TCU

Alex Comer:  TCU

Schuyler Callihan: TCU


Stanford @ Notre Dame

Cody Moyer: Stanford

Michael Gresko: Stanford

Christopher Hall: Stanford

Carson Fox: Stanford

Brandon Lowe: Stanford

Chase Kiddy: Stanford

Ryan Seigh: Stanford

Alex Comer: Notre Dame

Schuyler Callihan: Notre Dame


Ohio State @ Penn State

Cody Moyer: Ohio State

Michael Gresko: Ohio State

Christopher Hall: Penn State

Carson Fox: Ohio State

Brandon Lowe: Ohio State

Chase Kiddy: Penn State

Ryan Seigh: Penn State

Alex Comer:  Ohio State

Schuyler Callihan: Ohio State


West Virginia @ Texas Tech

Cody Moyer: West Virginia 56-44

Michael Gresko: West Virginia 52-35

Christopher Hall: West Virginia 48-27

Carson Fox: West Virginia 49-21

Brandon Lowe: West Virginia 42-24

Chase Kiddy: West Virginia 41-26

Ryan Seigh: West Virginia 45-35

Alex Comer: West Virginia 47-37

Schuyler Callihan: Texas Tech 34-30


Underdog Pick

Cody Moyer: Toledo over Fresno State

Michael Gresko: Washington St over Utah

Christopher Hall: Temple over Boston College

Carson Fox: Toledo over Fresno State

Brandon Lowe: Kansas State over Texas

Chase Kiddy: Villanova over Stony Brook

Ryan Seigh: Washington St over Utah

Alex Comer: Rutgers over Indiana

Schuyler Callihan: Virginia Tech over Duke

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