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DVN Pickems: Week Six



This weeks special guest picker is former West Virginia Mountaineer Reciever JD Woods. He was with the WVU football program from 2008-20012 and finished his career with 86 receptions for 909 yards and five touchdowns. After his time at West Virginia, he signed with the Pittsburgh Steelers in 2013. Most recently he played for the Kiel Baltic Hurricanes of the German Football League. You can hear JD make his picks on the Between the EERS podcast. You can find the show on all streaming outlets.

Texas @ Oklahoma

Cody Moyer: Oklahoma

Michael Gresko: Oklahoma

Christopher Hall: Texas

Carson Fox: Oklahoma

Brandon Lowe: Oklahoma

Chase Kiddy: Oklahoma

Ryan Seigh: Oklahoma

Alex Comer: Oklahoma

Schuyler Callihan: Oklahoma

JD Woods: Oklahoma

Northwestern @ Michigan State

Cody Moyer: Michigan State

Michael Gresko: Michigan State

Christopher Hall: Michigan State

Carson Fox: Michigan State

Brandon Lowe: Michigan State

Chase Kiddy: Michigan State

Ryan Seigh: Michigan State

Alex Comer: Michigan State

Schuyler Callihan: Northwestern

JD Woods: Michigan State

Missouri @ South Carolina

Cody Moyer: South Carolina

Michael Gresko: South Carolina

Christopher Hall: South Carolina

Carson Fox: Missouri

Brandon Lowe: Missouri

Chase Kiddy: Missouri

Ryan Seigh: Missouri

Alex Comer: South Carolina

Schuyler Callihan: South Carolina

JD Woods: South Carolina

LSU @ Florida

Cody Moyer: LSU

Michael Gresko: Florida

Christopher Hall: LSU

Carson Fox: LSU

Brandon Lowe: Florida

Chase Kiddy: Florida

Ryan Seigh: LSU

Alex Comer: LSU

Schuyler Callihan: LSU

JD Woods: LSU

Florida State @ Miami

Cody Moyer: Miami

Michael Gresko: Miami

Christopher Hall: Florida State

Carson Fox: Miami

Brandon Lowe: Miami

Chase Kiddy: Miami

Ryan Seigh: Miami

Alex Comer: Miami

Schuyler Callihan: Florida State

JD Woods: Miami

Kentucky @ Texas A&M

Cody Moyer: Kentucky

Michael Gresko: Texas A&M

Christopher Hall: Texas A&M

Carson Fox: Texas A&M

Brandon Lowe: Texas A&M

Chase Kiddy: Texas A&M

Ryan Seigh: Kentucky

Alex Comer: Texas A&M

Schuyler Callihan: Texas A&M

JD Woods: Kentucky

Notre Dame @ Virginia Tech

Cody Moyer: Notre Dame

Michael Gresko: Virginia Tech

Christopher Hall: Virginia Tech

Carson Fox: Virginia Tech

Brandon Lowe: Virginia Tech

Chase Kiddy: Virginia Tech

Ryan Seigh: Virginia Tech

Alex Comer: Notre Dame

Schuyler Callihan: Notre Dame

JD Woods: Notre Dame

Utah @ Stanford

Cody Moyer: Stanford

Michael Gresko: Stanford

Christopher Hall: Utah

Carson Fox: Stanford

Brandon Lowe: Stanford

Chase Kiddy: Stanford

Ryan Seigh: Utah

Alex Comer: Stanford

Schuyler Callihan: Stanford

JD Woods: Utah

Wyoming @ Hawaii

Cody Moyer: Hawaii

Michael Gresko: Hawaii

Christopher Hall: Hawaii

Carson Fox: Hawaii

Brandon Lowe: Hawaii

Chase Kiddy: Hawaii

Ryan Seigh: Hawaii

Alex Comer: Wyoming

Schuyler Callihan: Hawaii

JD Woods: Wyoming

Kansas @ West Virginia

Cody Moyer: West Virginia 56-6

Michael Gresko: West Virginia 52-17

Christopher Hall: West Virginia 59-20

Carson Fox: West Virginia 59-14

Brandon Lowe: West Virginia 63-3

Chase Kiddy: West Virginia 45-10

Ryan Seigh: West Virginia 38-13

Alex Comer: West Virginia 51-14

Schuyler Callihan: West Virginia 41-17

JD Woods: West Virginia by 28

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