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Huggins Attempted to Save Job with Rehab, According to Daughter



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Bob Huggins’ daughter, Jacque, addressed everything that happened regarding her father over the weekend with a Facebook post on Tuesday. Jacque says that Huggins offered to go to rehab for 60 days to the board but the request was denied.

“[Bob] told Gordon [Gee] and his board that he would go to rehab for a 60-day stint to be able to stay for these guys. The guys who don’t want to play for anyone else. That’s how much he cares. Refused. Not even considered. 100% no without a thought,” Jacque wrote.

Huggins was charged with a DUI in Pittsburgh on Friday night and resigned about 24 hours later in an emergency team meeting. Jacque says Huggins was only given 30 minutes to decide if he was going to retire or be fired.

“To Gordon Gee & your board, be better and do better,” Jacque continued. “Throwing stones at glass houses is also not how to represent such a great University. Treating someone like they don’t matter after they have given their whole heart and soul to your University? You could have helped, but chose to turn your backs. Not only on him, on the guys, the staff, the boosters. Everyone. You’re the classless ones, the cowards, the backstabbers and most of all hypocrites.”

Huggins’ daughter also says that the Basketball Hall of Fame coach is not an alcoholic and collects cans for recycling, hence the trash bag that was in the police report.

“My dad is not an alcoholic, he drinks like 90% of us do and made a mistake that cost him his job, reputation and his livelihood. Which he didn’t deserve,” Jacque said. “The cans were in bags and not all beer cans, There is a small group in Morgantown who knows my dad collects cans to recycle. Always has, always will. That’s his thing.”

West Virginia University has moved on from Huggins as they look to hire his replacement in the coming days or weeks.

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