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Special Christmas Gift Brings WVU Fans Together



WVU Fans share tickers to game

Christmas can be a magical time, and that’s definitely true this year for two WVU fans, a mother and son from West Virginia.

Max Grossi posted a video of his mom Jenni Grossi receiving a ticket to a WVU game for next season. This was a meaningful gift, because despite being a lifelong fan of the Mountaineers, she has never been to a game.

As to be expected when something like this gets shared on social media, fans and people from all over commented on how cool it is to see someone so happy about a gift, especial when it’s something she has been waiting to do her whole life.

WVU director of athletics Wren Baker, who was tagged in the post along with head coach Neal Brown, even replied with a message.

“That’s so great! Have to love that WVU pride. Thanks for sharing! Let’s Go!!!,” said Baker.

WV Sports Now reached out to Max to hear more about what it meant to him to provide this to his mom. That conversation also led to learning even more about their relationship and how special this moment truly is to the family.

For the back story: “For the past few years, I’ve really wanted to make this happen for her. She’s been a die hard fan for my entire life. We’d spend our afternoon and evenings sitting by the radio in the living room listening to the games. I got to go to my first game in high school with an FCS group, but she wasn’t able to attend. She was born and raised in Bluefield, WV, which is about 3.5-4 hours away from Morgantown. My entire childhood, my family has always struggled financially, which made going to a game very difficult for obvious reasons. I’m finally at a position that me and my wife were able to provide this experience for her, all expenses paid, of course.” 

A story like this one really teaches people to never take being able to attend games for granted.

On what this means to Max: “Giving these tickets to her meant so much to me. She continuously worked incredibly hard, prioritizing me over herself day in and day out to make sure I had what I needed as a kid. I’m just so grateful I’ve done well enough in life to this point to be able to somewhat return the favor. It’s barely a drop in the bucket, but it obviously means so much to her and will hopefully be an amazing memory for her. I really hope the team gets a win so she can cue it up with everyone in the stands.”

And not only will a lifelong fan be able to cross going to a game at Milan Puskar Stadium off her bucket list, but a mother and son will be able to spend quality time together, something that people should also not take for granted.

“She now lives in Bramwell, West Virginia and I live in Austin, Texas. I joined the military straight out of high school in 2012, getting out in 2018. I’ve been away from her for some time now, and getting to go to this game together will be a great time together since we haven’t gotten to see each other very frequently over the past 11 years.”

I think all of Mountaineer Nation now hopes WVU can win one for Max’s mom and she can experience singing Country Roads with the rest of her newfound friends in Morgantown.

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