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Watch: WVU Player Scares Teammates, Coaches with Halloween Prank



WVU LB Jared Bartlett on Halloween

WVU linebacker Jared Bartlett decided to play a Halloween prank at the facility on Tuesday.

The West Virginia program posted a video Bartlett having some fun scaring his teammates, coaches and anyone around. Bartlett can be seen wearing one of the WVU uniforms that’s usually displayed against a wall on a manikin.

The second someone walked by, Bartlett would jump out and yell “boo” at them. Needless to say, this caused some tough Mountaineer athletes and coaches to completely lose their mind in fear. It also created some entertainment for everyone else to enjoy.

After awhile, some seemed to expect something was up and played it off, but defensive coordinator Jordan Lesley was one who was clearly caught completely off guard.

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