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Is Pat McAfee Feuding with ESPN Colleague Stephen A. Smith?



Pat McAfee and Stephen A. Smith

Pat McAfee and his ESPN colleague Stephen A. Smith may appear different on the surface, but they do have some things in common – they are both very outspoken and strong willed. But are the two media moguls in the midst of a feud?

According to the New York Post, McAfee and Smith engaged in a heated exchange recently. This verbal fight got so bad that McAfee allegedly called Smith a “mother******” and that prompted the star of ESPN’s First Take to ban the former Mountaineer from appearing on the No. 1 show on the network.

The New York Post says the altercation was over creative differences involving a yet-to-be-announced project being executive produced by Stephen A. Smith through his own production company, Mr. SAS Productions, that is expected to ultimately air on ESPN.

However, it appears as if cooler heads are now prevailing or the report is simply inaccurate. McAfee and Smith both offered statements about the other to the New York Post in an effort to squash any potential drama and further speculation on their relationship.

Here’s what McAfee had to say:

“I have nothing but love for Stephen A.,” McAfee told the New York Post. “I think I’m still welcome on First Take. I was scheduled through football season to join on Tuesdays, hopefully next year that’ll happen as well,” he added.

As for Smith, he took things a step further and denied banning McAfee from his show.

“Pat McAfee and I have no issue and the notion that he’d be banned from First Take is B.S.,” refuted Smith. “We are No. 1 and he has absolutely contributed to us remaining No. 1. McAfee was asked to come on each Tuesday through the Super Bowl and he did just that, kicking ass each time he came on the air. If McAfee wants to be on First Take next season, he will be on First Take. I love winners and McAfee has proven he wins, which helps ME win. I love Pat McAfee, love him to death. I love his swag; I love the fact that he’s an honest brother. He don’t give a s***. That’s my kind of dude.”

Regardless of the actual truth, it’s safe to say both McAfee and Smith generate attention to ESPN make the network money. Those facts likely mean the two of them will be dealing with each other for a long time.

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