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Poll: Who Deserves the WVU Football 2023 Regular Season MVP?



WVU Football Jahiem White and Garrett Greene celebrate

Now that the regular season is over, it’s time to reflect back on everything that was WVU football in 2023. Part of doing that is looking back on the players that stepped up and help lead the Mountaineers to an 8-4 season that will land them in a bowl game.

So who was the most valuable player throughout the regular season? Which player did the most and was the most important asset to Neal Brown’s team?

Brown admitted that his team was motivated to prove critics wrong all season, but which player had the most influence in making that a reality?

Garrett Greene is, of course, the leading MVP candidate for the most. He emerged as the leader of the team and made the offense explosive. Brown called him the ultimate competitor. But he did miss time and was unable to contribute to the wins over Pitt and Texas Tech. He also did cost his team with a rough penalty that assisted Houston in converting a game-winning Hail Mary.

Neal Brown on Garrett Greene: ‘We Got a Shot Every Week Because of Him’

Another option is a freshman who came on really strong at the end of the season. Jahiem White had a couple monster performances, putting up numbers that earned him praise from a former NFL MVP and made people remember a legend like Steve Slaton. Even though his success is a big win for the future of the program, he did not start dominating defenses until the second half of the season.

For a defensive player, Beanie Bishop has a case. Bishop turned out to be one of the best transfer additions in the country and offered Aubrey Burks a veteran partner to lead the secondary. He recorded 59 total tackles and picked off four passes, including two in a road win over UCF. The argument against Bishop is that he could have done even more. Bishop is a big reason why the defense led the nation in ball-hawk rate, but he also failed to convert several interceptions as well.

If not one of those players, then who? Kole Taylor provided the Mountaineers a true pass catching tight end option for the first time in many years. Burks made an impact before and after his injury, both on the field and off of it in the locker room. Like White, Traylon Ray stepped up making big plays as a freshman.

Aubrey Burks Details TCU Incident for First Time, Feels Fully Back Physically, Mentally

Maybe Zach Frazier should get the award. He did anchor one of the best offensive lines in the country that was the driving force of the ground game. The unit did have some rough patches too, namely that long night in Norman, Oklahoma.

Neal Brown, Garrett Greene Both Praise Zach Frazier for Intelligence, Toughness

It’s hard to go against Greene as the quarterback, but do you feel someone else earned the honor?

While the work is not done to build WVU football back up to national contention, West Virginia can thank these players, and many others, for helping to turn the program around.

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