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Diamondbacks Owner, WVU Booster Ken Kendrick Openly Talks Possible Relocation



Diamondbacks owner and WVU baseball booster Ken Kendrick

Arizona Diamondbacks owner and WVU graduate and booster Ken Kendrick spoke with the media this week regarding the possibility of moving the franchise to another city.

Kendrick, 80, grew up in Princeton, W.Va., graduating from WVU in 1965 with a Bachelors Degree in Business Administration. He has maintained close ties with his alma mater throughout his career, including helping to set up scrimmage matches between the Diamondbacks and WVU Baseball in each of the past two seasons. He also co-founded the Country Roads Trust NIL initiative.

With the lease on the Diamondbacks’ current home turf, Chase Stadium, set to expire in 2027— and the club pushing for between $400 and $500 million in renovations to the facility— negotiations are likely to become heated, even if it’s just for the purpose of brokering a favorable deal.

“There are opportunities available,” Kendrick said. “There are other cities that would covet having Major League Baseball… we’re not in dialogue with those cities, but we are aware.”

City names that have been floated regarding expansion include Las Vegas—where the Oakland A’s are expected to move soon—and Montreal, where the franchise now known as the Washington Nationals spent the first 35 years of their life. Charlotte, Nashville, and Portland, Oregon also come up frequently.

While Kendrick acknowledged that the Diamondbacks are not part of any expansion discussions yet, he reiterated the franchise’s need to keep their options open.

“We may run out of time in Phoenix,” Kendrick said. “We hope that won’t happen.”

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