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DVN Pickem Week 9



Michael Gresko 49 30 118
Alex Comer 50 29 108
Chris Hall 46 33 108
Ryan Seigh 46 33 108
Cody Moyer 48 31 104
Schuyler Callihan 47 32 102
Carson Fox 50 29 100
Chase Kiddy 50 29 100
Brandon Lowe 43 36 94


Miami (FL) @ Boston College

Cody Moyer: Miami

Michael Gresko: Boston College

Chris Hall: Boston College

Carson Fox: Miami

Brandon Lowe: Boston College

Chase Kiddy: Miami

Ryan Seigh: Miami

Alex Comer: Miami

Schuyler Callihan: Miami


Purdue @ Michigan St

Cody Moyer: Michigan St

Michael Gresko: Michigan St

Chris Hall: Michigan St

Carson Fox: Purdue

Brandon Lowe: Purdue

Chase Kiddy: Michigan St

Ryan Seigh: Purdue

Alex Comer: Miami

Schuyler Callihan: Purdue


Texas Tech @ Iowa State

Cody Moyer: Iowa State

Michael Gresko: Iowa State

Chris Hall: Iowa State

Carson Fox: Iowa State

Brandon Lowe: Iowa State

Chase Kiddy: Texas Tech

Ryan Seigh: Texas Tech

Alex Comer: Texas Tech

Schuyler Callihan: Iowa State


Florida vs Georgia (in Jacksonville)

Cody Moyer: Georgia

Michael Gresko: Georgia

Chris Hall: Florida

Carson Fox: Georgia

Brandon Lowe: Georgia

Chase Kiddy: Georgia

Ryan Seigh: Georgia

Alex Comer: Georgia

Schuyler Callihan: Georgia


Iowa @ Penn State

Cody Moyer: Iowa

Michael Gresko: Penn State

Chris Hall: Penn State

Carson Fox: Penn State

Brandon Lowe: Penn State

Chase Kiddy: Penn State

Ryan Seigh: Penn State

Alex Comer: Penn State

Schuyler Callihan: Penn State


Texas A&M vs Mississippi St

Cody Moyer: Texas A&M

Michael Gresko: Mississippi State

Chris Hall: Mississippi State

Carson Fox: Texas A&M

Brandon Lowe: Mississippi State

Chase Kiddy: Texas A&M

Ryan Seigh: Texas A&M

Alex Comer: Mississippi State

Schuyler Callihan: Texas A&M


Washington St @ Stanford

Cody Moyer: Washington St

Michael Gresko: Washington St

Chris Hall: Washington St

Carson Fox: Washington St

Brandon Lowe: Stanford

Chase Kiddy: Washington St

Ryan Seigh: Washington St

Alex Comer: Stanford

Schuyler Callihan: Stanford


NC State @ Syracuse

Cody Moyer: NC State

Michael Gresko: Syracuse

Chris Hall: NC State

Carson Fox: NC State

Brandon Lowe: NC State

Chase Kiddy: NC State

Ryan Seigh: NC State

Alex Comer: NC State

Schuyler Callihan: NC State


Texas @ Oklahoma State

Cody Moyer: Texas

Michael Gresko: Texas

Chris Hall: Texas

Carson Fox: Texas

Brandon Lowe: Texas

Chase Kiddy: Texas

Ryan Seigh: Texas

Alex Comer: Texas

Schuyler Callihan: Texas


Baylor @ West Virginia

Cody Moyer: West Virginia 34-14

Michael Gresko: West Virginia 31-28

Chris Hall: West Virginia 24-13

Carson Fox: West Virginia 45-21

Brandon Lowe: West Virginia 42-17

Chase Kiddy: West Virginia 24-21

Ryan Seigh: West Virginia 35-24

Alex Comer: West Virginia 23-16

Schuyler Callihan: West Virginia 27-13


Underdog pick

Cody Moyer: Kansas over TCU

Michael Gresko: Nevada over San Diego State

Chris Hall: Florida State over Clemson

Carson Fox: Vanderbilt over Arkansas

Brandon Lowe: West Virginia State over Fairmont State

Chase Kiddy: Louisiana Tech over Florida Atlantic

Ryan Seigh: Army over Eastern Michigan

Alex Comer: Georgia Southern over Appalachian State

Schuyler Callihan: Arizona State over USC

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