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DVN Pickem Week 8 with Boogie Allen



Michael Gresko4029100
Cody Moyer442596
Ryan Seigh393094
Chris Hall393094
Schuyler Callihan422792
Alex Comer412890
Carson Fox442588
Chase Kiddy412882
Brandon Lowe373282


This week in our weekly DVN Pickem, we were joined by former WVU defensive back Boogie Allen on the show. Allen played in Morgantown from 2006-09, playing in 44 games recording 37 tackles, 6.5 TFL and 2 interceptions. He was a part of the special run of dominance during the Pat White era.

Boogie has a bold prediction, let’s see if you can pick it out.

Auburn @ Ole Miss

Cody Moyer- Ole Miss

Michael Gresko- Ole Miss

Chris Hall- Auburn

Carson Fox- Auburn

Brandon Lowe- Auburn

Chase Kiddy- Auburn

Ryan Seigh- Ole Miss

Alex Comer- Auburn

Schuyler Callihan- Ole Miss

Boogie Allen- Auburn


Maryland @ Iowa

Cody Moyer- Iowa

Michael Gresko- Iowa

Chris Hall- Iowa

Carson Fox- Iowa

Brandon Lowe- Iowa

Chase Kiddy- Iowa

Ryan Seigh- Iowa

Alex Comer- Iowa

Schuyler Callihan- Iowa

Boogie Allen- Iowa


Michigan vs Michigan St

Cody Moyer- Michigan St

Michael Gresko- Michigan

Chris Hall-Michigan

Carson Fox- Michigan St

Brandon Lowe- Michigan St

Chase Kiddy- Michigan St

Ryan Seigh- Michigan

Alex Comer- Michigan

Schuyler Callihan- Michigan St

Boogie Allen- Michigan


Oklahoma @ TCU

Cody Moyer- Oklahoma

Michael Gresko- Oklahoma

Chris Hall- Oklahoma

Carson Fox- Oklahoma

Brandon Lowe- TCU

Chase Kiddy- Oklahoma

Ryan Seigh- Oklahoma

Alex Comer- Oklahoma

Schuyler Callihan- Oklahoma

Boogie Allen- Oklahoma


Florida Atlantic @ Marshall

Cody Moyer- Florida Atlantic

Michael Gresko- Marshall

Chris Hall- Florida Atlantic

Carson Fox- Florida Atlantic

Brandon Lowe- Marshall

Chase Kiddy- Marshall

Ryan Seigh- Marshall

Alex Comer- Marshall

Schuyler Callihan- Florida Atlantic

Boogie Allen- Marshall


NC State @ Clemson

Cody Moyer- Clemson

Michael Gresko- Clemson

Chris Hall- NC State

Carson Fox- Clemson

Brandon Lowe- NC State

Chase Kiddy- Clemson

Ryan Seigh- NC State

Alex Comer- Clemson

Schuyler Callihan- Clemson

Boogie Allen- NC State


Colorado @ Washington

Cody Moyer- Colorado

Michael Gresko- Washington

Chris Hall- Washington

Carson Fox- Washington

Brandon Lowe- Washington

Chase Kiddy- Washington

Ryan Seigh- Washington

Alex Comer- Washington

Schuyler Callihan- Washington

Boogie Allen- Colorado


Mississippi St @ LSU

Cody Moyer- LSU

Michael Gresko- LSU

Chris Hall- LSU

Carson Fox- LSU

Brandon Lowe- LSU

Chase Kiddy- LSU

Ryan Seigh- LSU

Alex Comer- LSU

Schuyler Callihan- LSU

Boogie Allen- LSU


Oregon @ Washington St

Cody Moyer- Oregon

Michael Gresko- Washington St

Chris Hall- Oregon

Carson Fox- Oregon

Brandon Lowe- Oregon

Chase Kiddy- Washington St

Ryan Seigh- Washington St

Alex Comer- Oregon

Schuyler Callihan- Oregon

Boogie Allen- Washington St


USC @ Utah

Cody Moyer- USC

Michael Gresko- Utah

Chris Hall- Utah

Carson Fox- USC

Brandon Lowe- Utah

Chase Kiddy- Utah

Ryan Seigh- USC

Alex Comer- Utah

Schuyler Callihan- USC

Boogie Allen- Utah


Underdog pick

Cody Moyer- Navy over Houston

Michael Gresko- Arizona St over Stanford

Chris Hall- Indiana over Penn State

Carson Fox- Arizona over UCLA

Brandon Lowe- East Carolina over Central Florida

Chase Kiddy- Memphis over Missouri

Ryan Seigh- Cincinnati over Temple

Alex Comer- Navy over Houston

Schuyler Callihan- Cincinnati over Temple

Boogie Allen- Tennessee over Alabama

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