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DVN Pickem Week One



Northwestern @ Purdue

Cody Moyer: Northwestern

Michael Gresko: Purdue

Christopher Hall: Purdue

Carson Fox: Northwestern

Brandon Lowe: Northwestern

Chase Kiddy: Purdue

Ryan Seigh: Northwestern

Alex Comer: Purdue

Schuyler Callihan: Purdue


Texas Tech vs Ole Miss

Cody Moyer: Ole Miss

Michael Gresko: Ole Miss

Christopher Hall: Texas Tech

Carson Fox: Ole Miss

Brandon Lowe: Texas Tech

Chase Kiddy: Texas Tech

Ryan Seigh: Ole Miss

Alex Comer: Ole Miss

Schuyler Callihan: Ole Miss


Washington vs Auburn

Cody Moyer: Auburn

Michael Gresko: Auburn

Christopher Hall: Auburn

Carson Fox: Washington

Brandon Lowe: Washington

Chase Kiddy: Auburn

Ryan Seigh: Washington

Alex Comer: Washington

Schuyler Callihan: Auburn


Colorado vs Colorado State

Cody Moyer: Colorado

Michael Gresko: Colorado

Christopher Hall: Colorado

Carson Fox: Colorado

Brandon Lowe: Colorado State

Chase Kiddy: Colorado

Ryan Seigh: Colorado

Alex Comer: Colorado

Schuyler Callihan: Colorado


Michigan vs Notre Dame

Cody Moyer: Notre Dame

Michael Gresko: Michigan

Christopher Hall: Michigan

Carson Fox: Michigan

Brandon Lowe: Notre Dame

Chase Kiddy: Michigan

Ryan Seigh: Notre Dame

Alex Comer: Notre Dame

Schuyler Callihan: Michigan


Miami vs LSU

Cody Moyer: Miami

Michael Gresko: Miami

Christopher Hall: Miami

Carson Fox: Miami

Brandon Lowe: Miami

Chase Kiddy: Miami

Ryan Seigh: Miami

Alex Comer: Miami

Schuyler Callihan: Miami


Virginia Tech @ Florida State

Cody Moyer: Florida State

Michael Gresko: Florida State

Christopher Hall: Florida State

Carson Fox: Florida State

Brandon Lowe: Virginia Tech

Chase Kiddy: Florida State

Ryan Seigh: Florida State

Alex Comer: Virginia Tech

Schuyler Callihan: Florida State


Texas @ Maryland

Cody Moyer: Texas

Michael Gresko: Texas

Christopher Hall: Texas

Carson Fox: Texas

Brandon Lowe: Texas

Chase Kiddy: Texas

Ryan Seigh: Texas

Alex Comer: Texas

Schuyler Callihan: Maryland


Alabama vs Louisville

Cody Moyer: Alabama

Michael Gresko: Alabama

Christopher Hall: Alabama

Carson Fox: Alabama

Brandon Lowe: Alabama

Chase Kiddy: Alabama

Ryan Seigh: Alabama

Alex Comer: Alabama

Schuyler Callihan: Alabama


West Virginia vs Tennessee

Cody Moyer: West Virginia 42-24

Michael Gresko: West Virginia 42-24

Christopher Hall: West Virginia 59-20

Carson Fox: West Virginia 45-20

Brandon Lowe: West Virginia 42-17

Chase Kiddy: West Virginia 42-24

Ryan Seigh: West Virginia

Alex Comer: West Virginia 37-33

Schuyler Callihan: West Virginia 38-21


Underdog pick

Cody Moyer: UConn over Central Florida

Michael Gresko: North Carolina over California

Christopher Hall: Troy over Boise State

Carson Fox: Wyoming over Washington State

Brandon Lowe: Florida Atlantic over Oklahoma

Chase Kiddy: Western Michigan over Syracuse

Ryan Seigh: Miami (OH) over Marshall

Alex Comer: Towson over Vanderbilt

Schuyler Callihan: Tulane over Wake Forest


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