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Poll: Who Should the Big 12 Add Next for Expansion?



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Now that we know Colorado is officially joining the Big 12 and it’s extremely clear the conference is still looking at other options for expansion, it’s time to ask what you, the fans, think should happen.

Adding the Buffaloes made sense for a lot of reasons. Despite being down for awhile, Colorado has established brand with tons of history. Deion Sanders and the marketing machine has he offers is now the face of Colorado football, if not all of the athletic department. And of course, Colorado has a history with the Big 12 and was a member of the conference before leaving just over a decade ago.

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But bringing in Colorado will now give the Big 12 a total of 13 teams for the 2024 season and beyond after Oklahoma and Texas depart for the SEC. While the number of teams won’t matter too much in basketball and other sports, it is a big discussion and factor in football, which is the driving force whenever conference realignment happens in general.

So acting as if a 14th team or more is going to happen, which school or schools should it (they) be? There are rumors and reports to suggest the Big 12 will look to steal away another Pac-12 program or two. Arizona, Arizona State, Oregon, Oregon State and Washington could be possibilities. Memphis, San Diego State and even UNLV have been continuously mentioned as strong Group of 5 candidates if it’s not possible to secure another current Power 5. Some think Connecticut makes the most sense to increase the footprint in the eastern time zone. There have even been rumors about Gonzaga being an option for just basketball too.

What would you like to see commissioner Brett Yorkmark do now as far as expanding the Big 12 for the foreseeable future?

Note: We could only add 4 options in the poll due to format of the company we work with for polls. We understand there are an unlimited of options for how we could have configured a 4-option poll for this. 

In a related story, the Big 12 could change name and branding with more expansion.

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