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West Virginia Included in College Football 2025 Video Game



West Virginia Football players celebrating
Kelsie LeRose / WVSN

EA Sports College Football 2025 announced on Thursday morning that all 134 FBS schools will be included in the returning video game. West Virginia Football posted on social media that they’re officially included in the summer release.

EA Sports announced that the game series would return on Feb. 15, with more info heading into the summer.

EA Sports has teased the return of the beloved video game for the last few years. EA hasn’t released a college football video since since NCAA Football 14, which was released in July 2013. Things will get interesting to see how EA presents the game. A lot has changed in the college athletics landscape since 2013, like the transfer portal, conference realignment and NIL.

Name, Image and Likeness will be a factor in the game as student-athletes have the opportunity to market themselves in the game. NIL has also been a hurdle for EA as the players have went back-and-forth on what they want for being in the game. Pete Nakos reported on Thursday that players can now opt-in to appear in the game. Student-athletes that opt-in are expected to receive $600 and a cope of the video game.

West Virginia kicker Michael Hayes is one of the first players to announce that he will opt-in and be included in the game.

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