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What We Know So Far with Bob Huggins vs. WVU



Bob Huggins vs. WVU

On Saturday night, Bob Huggins demanded his reinstatement as men’s basketball head coach at WVU, according to his attorney. Huggins claims that he never resigned on June 17.

Let’s take a look at what both sides are arguing and look at the facts.


Huggins argument is that his wife, June, sent the resignation papers to Deputy Athletics Director Steve Uryasz. In an email-text screenshot released, it shows that June Huggins sent the following to Uryasz:

“Please accept this correspondence as my formal notice of resignation as WVU Head Basketball Coach and as notice of my retirement from West Virginia University, effective immediately.”

Essentially Huggins’ representatives are saying that June resigned as head coach, not Bob. Huggins never signed the papers, according to his lawyers.

“WVU was not interested in determining the nature of the Pittsburgh incident, Coach Huggins’ statement on the incident, or rehabilitation. Rather, the day following the incident, WVU demanded Coach Huggins’ resignation. Coach Huggins asked for time to review the situation, for an opportunity to speak with you, and the opportunity to complete his rehabilitation program, but WVU refused any delays or discussions,” David Campbell wrote in a letter to West Virginia University.


West Virginia University begins its letter by stating that Huggins’ claims are “completely factually inaccurate.” WVU believes that Huggins resigned and retired on the night of June 17. Huggins spoke with student-athletes, coaches and administration in a team meeting announcing his resignation.

WVU claims that Huggins did in fact write an email stating his resignation and retirement, to which Director of Athletics Wren Baker accepted. WVU also makes it clear that they will not welcome Huggins back as head coach and will aggressively defend itself against him.

“Notwithstanding any response, and in no uncertain terms, the University will not accept Mr. Huggins’ revocation of his resignation, nor will it reinstate him as head coach of the men’s basketball program. Moreover, if Mr. Huggins or his counsel attempts to publicly suggest that he somehow did not resign and retire from his position, please be advised that the University will swiftly and aggressively defend itself from these spurious allegations,” Stephanie Taylor responded to Campbell.

The Facts:

  • Huggins did meet with his team and announce he was resigning
  • West Virginia University released a statement from Huggins announcing his resignation
  • Huggins argument is that his wife, June, sent the resignation letter while WVU is disagreeing with those statements

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