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Whats Wrong with Press Virginia?



It’s a question that was asked after the Texas A&M game back in early November but turned away due to the fact that WVU won 15 straight after that game. It is time to revisit that same question.

After the Texas Tech game most believed WVU was fine considering Texas Tech was a top 10 team and the Mountaineers played them on their court. The fact is that the Mountaineers held an 11 point lead and for the majority of the game and controlled the tempo.

The Kansas game is the most concerning loss WVU has had so far this season even though it was to a top 10 team and perennial favorite in the Big 12. The Mountaineers were up 16 at one point in the first half and for the most part dominated and looked to be on a rampage. Late in the game they blew the lead and Kansas took advantage for the 3rd time in 3 years coming back late against WVU.

The Texas game cooled down the fire by building confidence in the Mountaineers as their defense looked their best all year against a solid Texas team.

Then the Mountaineers played TCU and could not hit a shot for 80 percent of the game. It leads to the question of what is going on? As soon as WVU got a target on their back and got another threat in Esa Ahmad back, the Mountaineers have dropped 3 out of 4. It’s impossible to know exactly what’s wrong with the Mountaineers. Only the team can figure that out but if they don’t figure out the issue fast it might be a long conference season.

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