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WVU Football Gets Ranked? West Virginia Placed Firmly Within Bottom 25



WVU Football Garrett Greene, Devin Carter standing around against Penn State

Stop the presses! WVU football is ranked once again. Confused? Well, don’t be. The ranking the Mountaineers earned is nothing to brag about.

West Virginia is currently ranked firmly within CBS Sports’ first Bottom 25 ballot of the season. Neal Brown’s team is following up a 38-15 loss to Penn State, granted a highly ranked in the rankings that aren’t embarrassing, with the number 16 spot in the Bottom 25.

Other notable major conference programs floundering as much as WVU that also received the Bottom 25 honor include Indiana, Virginia and Northwestern, who doesn’t seem to carrying any steam from 2022 with them to 2023.

Below is what CBS Sports’ David Cobb had to say about why West Virginia deserves to be in the Bottom 25.

“The Mountaineers refused to take downfield shots in their 38-15 Week 1 loss at Penn State. If some perimeter playmakers don’t emerge for WVU, this team could flirt with Bottom 25 status all year, which is the last thing embattled coach Neal Brown needs.” 

Obviously, it’s probably not fair to fully judge how good or bad WVU will be this season, regardless of what happened last year, based on one game against the number seven team in the country, but here we are. A win against FCS Duquesne isn’t going to prove anything to anyone either. And yes, that brings us to a lot of the season hanging the outcome of the Backyard Brawl as it shifts to Morgantown.

ESPN FPI Guarantees Victory for WVU Football Against Duquesne

But it’s pretty fair to feel even seeing WVU football on a Bottom 25 is embarrassing for a program with as much history and past success as West Virginia. Can WVU be like Colorado and go from the Bottom 25 to the actual top 25 a year later?

Eh, time will tell. It only took the Buffaloes revamping the entire structure of the program, bringing in Deion Sanders of all coaches and scrapping out almost an entire roster for new plays in one offseason to make that turn around a reality.

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  1. WVU vs Everyone

    September 7, 2023 at 8:48 am

    Unlike the blue bloods, WVU has to never lose a game to get into the top 25. Those blue bloods don’t even have to play a single game and every year they get into the top 25. It is easy to get into the playoffs when you start out at the top already ranked. But the fix to this no matter all the bias is to WIN. WVU just needs to start winning. Even though WVU plays a more difficult schedule than most teams do. They just need to win. What is the ultimate way to make ESPN cry and all of the haters out there? WIN. I have watched WVU play football for over 40 years. The current football team for the last 5 years lacks aggresiveness and the smack you in the mouth football mentallity. They are soft. They are playing like they are affraid of getting hurt. Simply put. They are playing like girls.If WVU wants to win, they need to play like angry men. Nothing has changed since Neal Brown became the coach. Neal Brown is in the wrong profession. He should run for political office. He does more talking and blaming others for his failures. He would fit right into Washington, DC. WVU needs to do exactly what Colorado did. Wipe the slate clean, get the best talent available and get an entire new coaching staff. Neal Brown had 5 years to turn this program around and has not been able to do just that. It is time for a change at WVU.

  2. william

    September 7, 2023 at 4:51 pm

    “Can WVU be like Colorado and go from the Bottom 25 to the actual top 25 a year later?” — Sure, absolutely! But with Neal Brown at the helm, this is literally impossible. Neal Brown has ruined the WVU football program, WVU football culture and the WVU football brand; he is program rot and the entire staff, front-end and back-end, needs to be cleansed to start over.

  3. Jd

    September 7, 2023 at 6:09 pm

    I still predict 11-1 or 10-2 yes I said it and you heard it here first say what you will but I chose to believe and enjoy the ride

  4. william

    September 7, 2023 at 6:34 pm

    MA, my preferred pick is Tony Gibson. He would rather have walked home from the Pitt and Penn State games after losing like that to long-time WVU regional rivals; that’s the difference between Gibson and Brown.

    But, if you want the Colorado model, then look at CU OC Sean Lewis; at the rate he’s going he’s probably going to have a head coaching gig by Sept 30! Might as well be WVU!

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