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WVU Legend Steve Slaton to Chat with WVSN ‘Holler’ Members



Steve Slaton at WVU
Image credit to WVU Athletics

As part of making WV Sports Now’s ‘Holler’ a truly VIP experience, we are going to offer our members a unique opportunity to build a relationship with notable former players and figures WVU fans care about.

This will mean a chance to talk, possibly even on a video chat, and get to know them well beyond what they post on social media. Think of this as a virtual meet and greet situation.

To kick this off, WVSN is proud to announce WVU football legend Steve Slaton has agreed to get to know our most loyal supporters. Slaton is not always active on social media and doesn’t do many interviews beyond his podcast ‘Burning Couch‘ with Matty Staudt, making this a cool chance to engage with the greatest running back in West Virginia history.

And remember, this meet and greet with Slaton and others like him will only be available through a ‘Holler’ membership. This will not be posted anywhere else for public consumption.

Click here for a refresher of what the WVSN ‘Holler’ is all about.

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