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BYU Enters Field Carrying West Virginia State Flag



BYU Enters With WV State Flag Credit: Kaila Adams

The one thing that nobody can deny about West Virginians is the pride that they have for their state. So it must’ve been pretty cool for the 50,000+ on hand to see BYU, West Virginia’s conference opponent from the state of Utah, enter the field carrying the state flag of West Virginia.

Likely a sign of respect, the entrance was captured and shared on X (Twitter) by West Virginia fan Kaila Adams, who shared the entrance.

Some users on X claimed that the player carrying the flag is from the state of West Virginia. Although it would make for even a cooler story, that is a claim that could not be verified. The number in the picture is blurry, but a two appears to be in there. None of the players on BYU with their number ending with a two hail from the Mountain State.

Others pointed out that BYU carried out the Kansas state flag in their game against Kansas earlier this year. While there are no pictures to support it, several posts on X from that time period seem to confirm that was the case.

Regardless if this was done just for West Virginia, or if it’s something done at every road game for BYU, it’s a cool and unique way to show respect for the state schools that BYU face.

And that isn’t something that should come unexpected from the program at BYU. Prior to this week’s game, BYU head coach Kalani Sitake said that he looked forward to hearing “Country Roads” sung at the stadium.

“Country Roads” is typically sung after wins, so with West Virginia up 27-0 at the half, odds are Sitake will get that wish.

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