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Expect WVU Offense to Ride Dynamic Duo of CJ Donaldson, Jahiem White



WVU Offense of Nicco Marchiol and CJ Donaldson

It’s no secret the WVU offense, and therefor team, will go only as far as its running game takes them. Fortunately for the Mountaineers, the month of November is starting with the ground game clicking on all cylinders, and that’s predominantly thanks to two key players – CJ Donaldson and Jahiem White.

West Virginia knew it had depth on the roster at the position, but through nine games, Donaldson and White are the ones standing out among the rest. And since they both possess such a different style, there’s now talk of putting them both on the field at the same time.

Just a coupe days removed from White having his best game of his freshman season and Donaldson re-establishing himself as an elite back once again after struggling for a stretch last month, head coach Neal Brown and offensive coordinator Chad Scott revealed one aspect of their plan moving forward. In fact, it was even a thought against BYU.

Fans can expect to see packages that include Donaldson and White on field the together. “That was the plan early on. CJ got stepped on with his foot and he was out for a while. That’s in the hip pocket,” said Scott.

And while showing the defense two running backs is not exactly uncommon in football at any level, (it was actually brought up as a possibility last season with Tony Mathis and Donaldson), West Virginia is blessed to be able to do it with two very different players. They compliment each other very well and offer completely different concerns for the defense.

Scott explained why this will be an advantage for the WVU offense, and in turn make life more difficult for opponents. “Two different style of running backs to prepare for, and also the advantage that those guys have great ball skills. You can’t just put a linebacker out there because we’ll throw them the ball.”

When Donaldson is at his best, he’s running hard and running angry. These are two things that Scott feels he’s been doing more of the past two weeks to get his production back to where it needs to be. He’s able to impose his will on a defense with his size and strength. Trying to tackle Donaldson can exhaust any defender.

As for White, the coaching staff and his teammates instantly started raving about his shiftiness and speed from the moment he stepped foot on campus in the spring. He’s able to hide behind the offensive line and then burst out of nowhere. Once out in open space, White has the ability to outrun anyone.

Against BYU, White ran for 146 yards while Donaldson totaled 102 on 14 carries and scored two touchdowns. This comes a week after Donaldson posted 121 yards and White 85 at UCF. Justin Johnson has had his moments and can’t be ignored, but Donaldson and White are forming a two-headed monster for the Mountaineers.

Takeaways: BYU Game Allowed Stars of Future to Show Worth to WVU

Scott called the BYU game “the best rushing attack since we’ve been here” and he then added it can  still get better.

Just call the duo of CJ Donaldson and Jahiem White, WVU’s thunder and lightning.

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