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Mountaineers and Aggies Provide Morale for Troops



What the Mountaineer game means to Veterans with Hunter Angus and John Cantu

This game in Ramstein air base means so much to me personally as a member of the Air Force. I feel so many emotions toward this game it’s unreal. I wanted to write how much I appreciate the Mountaineers and the Aggies for doing this game for the troops. I wanted to write this article as non biased as possible so I asked two fellow airmen to help me in explaining how much this game means. Again I can not thank these two schools more. So let’s get to the questions.

What does it mean to you to have a top 25 matchup on base in Germany.

JC: it means a lot because they are giving us their time and spend time with the troops and makes us feel as though home isn’t that far away.

HA: pretty cool experience. To see something we are used to makes us feel at home.

For people not from these two places what do you think the atmosphere will be like?

JC: people will be excited to see these two teams. The competition is enough to keep the crowd on their feet and riled up.

HA: high energy, exciting for Americans to see college basketball for people that haven’t been able to be home to watch in years.

What does this game mean to Veterans everywhere? Not necessarily in Ramstein

HA: the players, schools are showing their respect to people serving. They are taking times out of their schedule to come overseas none the less to show support.

Finally who do you have winning this game?

HA: West Virginia

JC: Texas A&M

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