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Once the Mountaineers Came Calling, Aden Nelson Couldn’t Resist



Aden Tagaloa-Nelson

Once West Virginia came calling, Aden Nelson couldn’t resist. And it’s not just about getting to play at the Power 5 level that’s causing him to fall in love with WVU either.

WVSN talked to the Kentucky native about his recent visit to Morgantown, the path that led him to become a Mountaineer and why he feels the 2023 recruiting class is going to be the one get the program back to glory.

The conversation started with his trip to West Virginia this past weekend. “My visit went really well. From the academic buildings, to the athletic facilities, it was top notch,” Nelson mentioned about being impressed with the total package as a school WVU has to offer.

“I visited with Coach Shadon Brown and Coach Ray Watkins and that was a really good conversation just about how what their expectations for me are and how to come in and pick up the speed transitioning from high school, not only as an athlete but also as a student. The biggest thing I would say that truly stood out from this visit was how genuine the staff was, everyone is transparent able to be themselves, joke at the appropriate time and that’s what you want when coming to a program being able to be comfortable and also have real true genuine relationships with the staff,” said Nelson, making it clear that the family atmosphere, which is something recruits have continuously brought up when discussing WVU’s recruiting pitch, is a vibe that the safety appreciates.

Before eventually signing with the Mountaineers, Nelson was committed to Western Kentucky. That quickly changed once West Virginia made a late push for the Woodford County High School product. Nelson was asked what led him to change his mind and end up switching to West Virginia.

“Honestly, it was a quick process, signing day came and I didn’t plan on signing early and WKU and I had a conversation about it. We both understood my decision on that, but prior to signing day Coach Shadon came to my school and seen my film and myself in person and the ball was rolling. The day after National Signing Day, I got the offer,” Nelson said.

He then added. “And as a kid, this is what I worked for to play on the Power 5 level. I figured if this is what I put all the work in for and all the effort in games for then this where I need to go. That was a great decision because I love it already. I wish I could have stayed on campus a lot longer,” said the incoming WVU freshman. Nelson initially saw West Virginia as his opportunity to play major conference football in the Big 12, but then quickly realized it was just the place for him in general.

As far as what kind of impact he expects to have as a player, Nelson, who started his high school career as a receiver, is going to bring his athleticism to try to help WVU’s struggling secondary. So can that experience as a receiver assist in his development on the other side of the ball? “It is similar to when I played receiver and having that time as a DB to help me. I think just reading body language of when breaks or what routes a receiver could be running based off the leverage they are attacking. I think having a lot of time at receiver helps me a lot and will continue to help me at a high level on top of skills that I have,” he offered.

With all of that said, Nelson knows there’s only one thing that really matters to fans – win. He detailed why he feels this 2023 class is the group to turn the program around and why they can handle the pressure. “I think after meeting some of the guys in my class we come from winning backgrounds and we know what it takes to win. We got some leaders as well so I think the future is truly bright. I’m honesty not just saying that because it’s my class. I’m being serious when I say that. I hope WVU fans sit tight with us and see the great improvement that they are going to see,” said a confident Nelson.

Time will now tell if he’s right.

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