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‘Tell ’em Coach Sent Ya!’ Sherman, McNeil and Bridges Film Great Commercial with Little General



In another reason why the name, image and likeness bill being passed was a great thing, WVU basketball players Taz Sherman, Sean McNeil and Jalen Bridges filmed a commercial for Little General.

Little General released the video on Thursday.

The video includes the three West Virginia players walking around the convenience store, talking about how reliable Little General is. At the end, all three players lined up, saying a slightly revised line that is familiar with all West Virginians.

“Oh, and by the way, tell ’em coach [Huggins] sent ya.”

Sherman, McNeil and Bridges have been huge players in the NIL game so far. Billboards, signings, camps and even a pepperoni roll commercial by Bridges have shown why the name, image and likeness bill getting past was one of the best things to happen to college athletics. As for all student athletes, the sports is their second job. They don’t have time to go and get a job outside of school and athletics, so this is the best way to do it. And now, we all have great commercials and promotions to remember how great NIL is for everyone.

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