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WVU Guard Turned Assistant Jordan McCabe ‘Obsessed’ with Coaching



Jordan McCabe

WVU assistant Jordan McCabe just completed his playing eligibility at UNLV this past spring and was exploring different options professionally. After seeking advice from former WVU HC Bob Huggins, McCabe decided to not play basketball overseas and to get into coaching.

The 25-year-old took a risk but wouldn’t change a thing.

“Best decision I’ve ever made in my life was getting into coaching. Absolutely in love with it, obsessed with it,” McCabe said. “Don’t see myself doing anything else for the rest of my life.”

Huggins made a handshake agreement with McCabe to join the staff before his resignation in mid-June. McCabe packed up, moved back to Morgantown, and then West Virginia was without a coach. McCabe had a player development job lined up at a Big Ten school but now-interim HC Josh Eilert told him to stay patient during the coaching search.

“There was no contract in place, just trying to figure it out as we go. Then obviously things happen, things change. My fiancé and I bought a house. We were in Morgantown and not sure if I would have a job in Morgantown. Had to adjust on the fly and kind of get my feet wet into the coaching world which is always changing very quickly,” McCabe said. “It was an eventful time for me, nerve-racking at times, chaotic for sure.”

“I’ve always thought to be somebody that thrives in chaos. Just find opportunity throughout that. I was blessed enough to have someone like coach Eilert give me an opportunity to be an assistant coach here,” McCabe added.

McCabe was worried about how involved he would be as the youngest assistant in Power-5 basketball. He didn’t want to be a pseudo-assistant. McCabe has been working on the recruiting trail as well as helping develop the guards on the team.

McCabe traveled out to Phoenix, Az. to watch a few prep school recruits before running into 2024 CG Carmelo Adkins. McCabe extended an offer to Adkins and hosted the 6-foot-5 prospect for a visit to Morgantown. Adkins committed to West Virginia last Thursday and is signing his National Letter of Intent this week with the program.

The Wisconsin native also sees himself as someone who can bridge the gap between the player and coaches.

“I’m blessed to have a full-time role where it’s scouting, recruiting, a lot of things I’ve never done before,” McCabe said.

McCabe began his collegiate career at West Virginia, playing for the Mountaineers from 2018-21 under Huggins. McCabe tested the transfer portal waters following his junior season, resulting in him finishing out his final two years at UNLV. Unlike some situations, McCabe wasn’t trying to burn the bridge with WVU and in fact was trying to stay close with Huggins and the rest of the program.

“It was natural to not burn the bridge,” McCabe said. “[Huggins and I] sat down and had an emotional conversation after my junior year here, after we lost to Syracuse. I told him what my goals were and why I didn’t think I would be able to reach them here at West Virginia.”

McCabe will continue to learn the ropes of his new profession as a young assistant coach.

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