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Pat McAfee Rips WVU HC Neal Brown: ‘This is All Your Thing’



Pat McAfee

Speaking on an episode of his eponymous YouTube show on Monday, WVU football alum Pat McAfee ripped current Mountaineers head coach Neal Brown for the team’s season-opening 38-15 loss at the hands of Penn State.

“Boy oh boy, West Virginia fans are about done with ol’ Neal Brown,” McAfee—who initially picked the Mountaineers to win the game—said. 

He went on to describe his own thoughts of the embattled head coach, firmly on the hot seat after posting a 22-26 record to begin his tenure with the Mountaineers. 

“Should not just be like such a miracle to think that we would beat Penn State six years into a guys’ tenure…six years in, this is all your people, this is all your culture, this is all your thing,” McAfee said. “We’re in the Big 12, got a lot of money, you know, we got an NIL thing.”

Failing to Cover

For McAfee, the blowout loss added insult to injury. 

“My big realization while I was watching the game, realizing we weren’t going to be able to win that is like, ‘we should be able to,’” McAfee said. “We should at least have some sort of thought that we should win this.”

The Mountaineers barely missed out on covering the spread after Penn State scored a last-second touchdown. McAfee didn’t make any allowances for the ‘close, but no cigar’ finish.

“They should’ve covered,” fellow show personality A.J. Hawk said. 

“They didn’t, they didn’t, they didn’t,” McAfee repeated emphatically. 

McAfee went scorched earth during the segment, comparing West Virginia to a MAC school for their efforts against Penn State. He also contrasted Brown’s comments after the Nittany Lions ran up the score on the last play of the game with how former head coach Rich Rodriguez would’ve reacted.

“If James Franklin scores with six seconds left… there’s a chance ol’ Rich Rod’s on a bee line to James Franklin with his right hand,” Pat McAfee said.

McAfee appeared to turn the corner and trust Brown’s climb throughout the offseason after labeling WVU his most disappointing team in the country last season, but it seems the effort against Penn State got to the former Mountaineer.

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