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Postgame Reaction to WVU’s Loss at Texas





  1. Duane M White

    February 11, 2024 at 2:32 am

    I’m not a basketball expert but right from the jump. The way they attacked jesse with the ball screen. First off I don’t know how you don’t immediately call a timeout and and either do one of two things. Either you go small and just take jesse out for a while have a talk with him about doing something different. Or just mainly stay small. Or you go big and play jesse on a non shooter or a player that’s less of a scoring threat from outside and use a smaller big to guard dissu on the pick and pop. Just because dissu was their biggest player doesn’t necessarily mean jesse had to guard him.
    Amd when your on the road you call timeouts quickly especially in the first half. You don’t let a team jump up to double digit leads period. Before your down 13 2 timeouts should be called in the first half. And when you call those timeouts you should prolly be speaking your mind to the reffs.

    It does no good to come out and grab a fake tech when your down 25 in the second half. That blow up at the reffs and technical is a tool in your tool bag. It is meant to be used to bring attention to certain things.

    Now eilert has been put in a rough spot. But this team hasn’t bought in. And it hasn’t bought in because it has no identity.

    You can’t just install a man to man defense and say we’re a pick n roll offense. Ladee dee da. Sounds great. We’re gonna run the huggs defense and this great pick n roll lob offense. But in reality. As soon as jesse gets on the floor it’s all we do. No one else even knows when they’re allowed to shoot. In truth that should be what we do later in the game after we actually have some type of offensive flow. Something we can go to when we need a basket or to stop a run. It can’t be the entire basis behind our offense. We should be looking to get other guys going early. Jesse can get rolling anytime.
    And encase anyone hasn’t noticed from the beginning of the season. It’s much easier to try and get jesse rolling in the second half. Especially if you can draw fouls on these physical teams. Then they are less likely to hack him everytime he gets the ball. And I can’t believe we can’t find a way to get Noah and battle some driving opportunities.

    But none of it matters because there’s no toughness on this team. No grit. Which would be fine if we were gonna play zone or something. Anyways it’s pretty simple. If you go back and look at any good team wvu has ever fielded in football or basketball. What’s the one thing they all have in common. They all have an identity. Something they can hang their hat on something that can be relied upon. And that will never change. It doesn’t matter if it’s toughness defense rebounding. Or if it’s an elite passing game or running game or a great defense. It doesn’t matter what it is you gotta be elite at something to be good. When beilein was here. It was great basketball i.q. mixed with shooting and precision passing. But a coach has to say this is my team and we’re gonna do this amd this but we’re gonna do this really well. This is what’s gonna make us good. This is what we’re gonna do better than the rest.

  2. buck soltes

    February 11, 2024 at 6:39 am

    our problem is the coach he wants his players to like him.he has to coach be phical be in shape ours play 5 mins has to sit down bottom line we r not coached. but it saves us 3 or 4 million a yr. call huggs back or buy us a coach. plain and simple

  3. Roger

    February 11, 2024 at 12:16 pm

    Huggs tried and failed. Now Eilert tried and failed. You CANNOT bring in 5+ portal players who are in their last year and convince them to play as a team. This is their last chance to impress with their abilities so they Wii not want to share the lime light with others. TEAM means nothing to them. If these players were so good then why were they in the portal? If Eilert were a good coach we would have saw a lot of improvement now vs the beginning of the season… but we see none. Please explain why he can’t get the players to run set plays and actually defend someone? Because he chose the wrong players. Say what you want but Other coaches have been given a second chance… bring back Huggs

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