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Watch: Geno Smith Sets Record Straight on Viral Moments During Games



Geno Smith

When asked about already being the brunt of multiple viral moments this season, Geno Smith wanted to set the record straight.

Smith has led the Seahawks to a 2-1 record and back-to-back come from behind wins, but he’s also been the victim of a couple funny moments that spread across social media. So which one is Smith’s favorite?

While Smith says he likes seeing both clips, he doesn’t think they’re necessarily legitimate. For starters, Smith says the voice that could be heard yelling “oh my God” when Aaron Donald was coming at him was not actually his.

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Like the good teammate and leader he is, Smith won’t say who really said those words out of fear for taking the brunt of Donald. He’s willing to keep the moment on him instead of outing someone else.

As for the second sound bite, the WVU legend says he knows he shouldn’t have interrupted a ref, but still feels the call was wrong. He disagrees that intentional grounding occurred.

Smith heard “I’m talking to America here” from the referee as he went up to him to argue the penalty going against him.

Watch: Ref to Geno Smith: ‘I’m Talking to America Here’

No matter what happens, whatever Smith does in his team’s next game will surely garner attention. The Seahawks are set to take on the New York Giants on Monday Night Football at Met Life Stadium.

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