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WVU Coach Sean Reagan on Greene, Marchiol: ‘Up Until Today, I’ve Been Really Pleased’



WVU football pass game coordinator Sean Reagan

MORGANTOWN, W.Va – “Probably our worst day at quarterback today,” is how WVU passing game coordinator Sean Reagan started off his press conference on Tuesday.

After both head coach Neal Brown and offensive coordinator Chad Scott have weighed in on the competition between Garrett Greene and Nicco Marchiol, it was time for Reagan to give his evaluation. And while Reagan wasn’t shy to say this was the worst day of practice he’s seen from both quarterbacks, he did also make it clear he has been otherwise pleased with their play.

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Reagan explained that some poor decisions made by Greene led to an interception, which is similar to what Brown mentioned about his more experienced signal caller on Saturday. “It’s more of pocket presence and understanding we can get to our second and third read,” he responded when asked what his main focus has been with Greene throughout the Spring.

When it comes to Marchiol, he brought up his footwork as being his key point of emphasis. “With Nicco it’s footwork. We’ve really, really harped hard on footwork,” Reagan said.

He revealed “see a little, see a lot” is the phrase he tells all of his quarterbacks, but especially Greene and Marchiol. This is used a way to try to get them to not worry about trying to do too much and that a punt can be better than the alternative at times.

Reagan made a point to recognize the growth in maturity he’s noticed in both. He emphasized this for Greene, who he says has really developed as more of a leader over the years.

Even though the final decision will be Brown’s, Reagan did lend his thoughts on how he sees the battle for the starting role playing out.

“If they keep battling the way they keep battling right now, it’s going to be a tough decision,” said Reagan. He then also “details” as the one word that sums up what could cause one to eventually separate himself and win the job.

Watch Reagan’s full press conference below.

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