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WVU’s Josh Eilert Talks Struggles of Recruiting with Uncertainty



Josh Eilert and coaches recruiting Jasper Johnson

WVU interim HC Josh Eilert talked about the struggles of high school recruiting during his press conference on Tuesday. Eilert and his staff can’t guarantee to their recruits that they’ll be at West Virginia in the near future based on the their circumstances.

“The elephant in the room is a situation where there’s no contract. It’s an interim contract,” Eilert said. “I have great, young assistants that are very good with creating relationships and I’ve told them from the beginning let’s do nothing different than we would any other situation. We have to approach it like we’re going to be here absolutely. We just continue to build relationships. We certainly didn’t go heavy after the 2024 class because the majority of those are going to make that decision way before a decision is made as to whether I continue here.”

“We went heavy after the 2025 class in terms of making relationships and seeing kids on the road knowing full good and well that the terms of the makeup of our roster, we probably have to go heavy in the portal again the following year,” Eilert added.

Eilert and his staff have been able to get kids on campus, highlighted by top 15 prospect Jasper Johnson. While WVU has hosted visits for recruits, 2024 G Carmelo Adkins has been the only player to take the risk of the current staff’s situation.

Adkins, who signed his NLI with West Virginia in November, recently finished his season in the Overtime Elite league for the Diamond Doves. Adkins averaged 8.9 points and 3.2 rebounds during his prep year.

‘I’m a Risk Taker’: Carmelo Adkins on Committing to Interim Staff at WVU

WVU director of athletics Wren Baker will evaluate Eilert’s performance at the end of the season as he finishes out a 10-month contract.

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