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Kerry Martin’s HS Coach Denies Making ‘Slave Owner’ Comment, Hopes Martin and Vic Koenning ‘Talk it Out’



West Virginia sophomore safety Kerry Martin posted on Twitter allegations of mistreatment and racism against WVU defensive coordinator Vic Koenning on Tuesday.

As part of those allegations, Martin claimed that his high school coach, Capital High School’s Jon Carpenter, told him that Koenning had a “slave owner mentality.”

Carpenter denied to WV Sports Now ever making such a comment. Talking to WVSN’s Tom Bragg, Carpenter said. “Neal Brown told me that [Martin] said I told him that somebody had a ‘slave owner’ mentality. 100 percent no. I never told him that.”

Despite Carpenter’s denial, Martin insisted that the conversation did, in fact, happen the way he described it, calling Carpenter’s denial “100% not true.”

Carpenter went on to tell Bragg that neither he nor anyone who coaches at Capital High School knew that Martin had been feeling this way.

“If I knew it was going on, I’d be the first person in the car driving up there to throw rocks through windows,” Carpenter said.

He also said that Koenning had been attentive of Martin’s needs since the team left Morgantown due to COVID-19.

“I’m shocked because Vic Koenning has aggravated me to death since COVID started. Five or six phone calls to make sure Kerry is fed,” Carpenter said.

Martin confirmed that in another follow-up tweet. In his tweet Tuesday morning, Martin said that Koenning is “not a bad person” and “does mean well in many (different) aspects,” but that players “are uncomfortable with being around him” and that his “beliefs are misled.”



Carpenter finished by telling Bragg, “I just hope that they all get together in the same room and talk it out.”

WVU has not responded to a request for comment regarding Martin’s accusations. WVSN has not been able to independently corroborate Martin’s claims.

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