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This week we were at George Washington to watch the #9 Patriots take on #2 Huntington. Another top ten matchup in the Kanawha valley for the second straight week.

Now, I may have high expectations but normally when two teams that are in the top ten of the
state matchup it should be a good game. Well, we were wrong for the second straight week.

Huntington started the scoring Friday night early and often. Wether it was through the air or on
the ground, the 9th ranked patriots we were no match for the Highlanders.

Huntington scored two quick touchdowns on their opening two drives while holding GW
scoreless on there’s. The halftime score was 28-7 with Huntington holding a commanding lead. Some
people were amazed by that score but if you take a look at the stat sheet, you will see why the
score was what it was.

The total yards were one sided in the first half. The Highlanders out gained GW by an impressive
245 yards ( 331 to 86).

For the second straight week we have a top ten blowout. With the final score being 35-17 in
favor of No. 2 Huntington

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