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Big 12 College Football Whip Around for Week 7



With West Virginia off after having already secured their first conference win on Thursday night over Baylor, let’s take a look at an important Saturday that was in the Big 12 overall. People may look back on this week as one that separated the contenders from the pretenders in the conference.

Kansas is cooked without Jason Daniels

The Jayhawks were ranked and riding high on the national College GameDay stage until…boom…it was all over. Losing their budding star quarterback Jason Daniels takes Kansas out of the contender picture. Kansas also benefited from an easy schedule during their 5-0 streak to open the season. This may very well be the worst Oklahoma team in decades, but they still have tons of talent and finally did enough to win against a beat up Kansas team.

Texas is for real again

If Texas didn’t suffer a disappointing loss to Texas Tech, the Longhorns would be squarely in the playoff picture. Either way, they are a good team and deserve to be ranked again after another win, this one over Iowa State, even if it was not a pretty one.

TCU is now in the driver seat

It’s clear TCU and Oklahoma State are the two best teams in the conference, but after beating OSU, it’s also now clear TCU is in the driver seat to having a really special season. This is their conference to lose at this point, but as Neal Brown does always say, anything can happen in the Big 12 this season. It’s also likely we see this matchup again for the championship. And honestly, that would only be fitting.

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