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Dontae Wright Feels Aubrey Burks Can be ‘As Good as He Wants to Be’



WVU Football safety Aubrey Burks

MORGANTOWN, W.Va – WVU safeties coach Dontae Wright believes Aubrey Burks has NFL potential. Wright detailed just how good he believes Burks can be during his press conference in the final week of Spring ball.

“As good as he wants to be,” is what Wright said when directly asked about the ceiling for Burks, the player the West Virginia defense will rely on to be its leader in 2023.

Wright then elaborated on his statement about Burks. “He can be a pro player or a really good college player. If he puts it all into it, he can play on Sundays,” said Wright.

These words from Wright are high praise of Burks, but also place pressure on the third year Mountaineer. Wright did compliment Burks’ work ethic this offseason and that he is one of the players the coaches can look at as a leader for the secondary.

Wright also agreed with Burks’ assessment of what went wrong for the secondary last year. Burks explained that he feels that being without a vocal voice for most of the season hindered the group’s ability to all be bought in and on the same page. This was referring to losing former Mountaineer Charles Woods in the first half of the Backyard Brawl in Pittsburgh and then not having anyone else ready to step up into that role.

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Wright did not shy away from that issue also being on the coaches and said it’s something that they are attempting to rectify now by looking to multiple players, one being Burks, to call out plays and communicate with the overall until during practices.

No matter what happens, Wright and Burks seem to be on the same page now, which is essential for the Mountaineers to turn things around in the Fall.

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