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How Does the ESPN FPI View WVU Football in 2024?



WVU Football Neal Brown and Garrett Greene

While WVU football fans are dreaming of winning the Big 12, others are arguing West Virginia may take a step back again. Count the ESPN Football Power Index among those doubting the Mountaineers.

The ESPN FPI actually has Neal Brown’s team around the middle of the pack in the conference at 6.0. They have WVU’s projected win-loss metric set at 6.3-5.8, offer only a 64.1% chance to even be bowl eligible, 5% to win the conference title and a 6.4% chance to make the College Football Playoff.

Factor in these numbers with where West Virginia falls in win total projections and the early odds for their season opening game against Penn State and Brown tons of material to use as motivation.

Early Win Total Projections Suggest WVU Football to Decline in 2024


Another interesting note is only two Big 12 schools have an FPI in double digits and Kansas is predicted to win the conference with their win-loss calculation set to 8.7-3.6.

Fans may argue the Mountaineers are being disrespected, but Brown and the rest of the coaching staff prefer to be the underdog. However, the low projection is interesting because most of the key players are returning and the schedule is arguably similar than last year.

After a 9-4 (6-3) season and a Duke’s Mayo Bowl victory, West Virginia is hungry to start the 2024 season getting revenge on the Nittany Lions. Penn State beat WVU in the 2023 season opener at Beaver Stadium 38-15. Penn State would finish the year at 10-3 (7-2), losing to Ole Miss in the Peach Bowl.

Of course, the success or failure of the 2024 Mountaineers will largely depend on the play of Garrett Greene and if he lives up the hype or stays stagnate.

Is Garrett Greene Being Overlooked Nationally or Are WVU Fans Missing His Flaws?

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  1. jackson five

    June 6, 2024 at 9:43 am

    if greene depends mainly on his running ability, and has not improved greatly his accuracy, then all that was said about is absolutely correct,,, he is no pat white, and he needs to get over it, and be a team player, and not ego orientated.. remember the houston game ,when his ego ruined our chances of winning that game,,, i don’t think this has gone away,, his immaturity and ego, seems to be still dominate,, i just hope he makes a huge turnaround in these aspects, and puts the team ahead of his ego,,,,, let’s go mountaineers

  2. Rich Maltese

    June 8, 2024 at 5:15 pm

    His ego and attitude also won some games
    I think he has matured and hope he continues to have that edge, and mostly stays healthy this year.

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